Low Calorie Drinks for Bodybuilders

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For the average bodybuilder, a night on the town can be a nightmare. The lingering thought in the back of your mind of how months of blood, sweat, and tears in the gym can be ruined by a night of unchecked drinking is rather frightening. Many forums are quick to trumpet that alcohol and bodybuilding just don't mix. However, while there are a few dangers in over consuming alcohol, they can all by stopped by one simple word: moderation. A smart bodybuilder can spend time at the bar with friends without it affecting their routine. The important thing is to plan your daily calorie intake around the evening. To help with this, here's a list of what to look for when selecting your drink of choice.


Vodka, whisky, rum and gin are the best places to start for low calorie alcohol. Lower proofs have lower calories with your average 80 proof drink costing you about 64 calories per shot. It's a good deal for a bodybuilder's night on the town. Avoid any deceptively high calorie, sweetened drinks like fruit flavored vodkas, though, or your reflection will show it.


Lighter beers won't hurt too badly in the calorie department. Clocking in at about 100 calories per can, depending on the brand you choose, they can be great for a long night of sipping. Even so, take the time for a few extra reps the next day in case you find yourself fretting over getting a beer gut. Also, you'll want to avoid darker beers as their calories double the amount of one can of light beer.


Not only is the occasional glass of red wine healthy for the heart, it also boasts a relatively low number of calories, which is great for those who wish to enjoy alcohol and bodybuilding at the same time. The average glass of dry wine (that's about five shots worth) will stick you with 123 calories, making it a great choice for low calorie alcohol. Sweetened wines, however, have a lot of added sugars that can crush a well-sculpted schedule.

Mixed Drinks

When mixing a drink, diet soda is the best place to go. It adds no calories to your drink, while improving the flavor, leaving you to enjoy the workout the following day worry free. Yet, just like with vodka and wine mentioned previously, stay away from mixing anything with fruit juices or sugary drinks, or else that calorie count is going to go through the roof.


Top on the list of drinks to avoid are margaritas, martinis, and anything with a sweet taste, as they are likely loaded with calories. Most often these drinks will use a generous amount of high calorie ingredients, which becomes even worse at a public bar where the amount of each ingredient used can vary. Remember, moderation and control are equally applicable when talking about both alcohol and bodybuilding. The best thing to do is to focus on drinking non-mixed drinks with alcohols that have low calories and steering clear of sugary alternatives. It's also important to remember to give a polite "No" when offered the fatty food at the bar. You may taste good while your drunk, but it will come back to bite you in the ass. Skip the one way ticket to fat town and stick to your meal management system. Photo Credit: Clock

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