Top Exercises To Boost Metabolism

exercises to boost metabolism3-2 Speeding up your metabolism requires more than packing great meals in your 6 Pack Bags. Although it's important to know what foods to eat to improve your metabolism, working out is also a beneficial way to develop energy and keep your system moving. Enough talking though, let's get to some doing. Here are the top exercises to boost metabolism

Strength Training

Muscle building in any form will increase metabolic rate. This is because muscle continues to burn calories even when your workout is finished. Combining this with items in your meal management system that lead to muscle repair and development like lean meats will help you boost your metabolism. Resistance training is especially helpful. It's also important to note that each pound of muscle burns three times the calories of fat each day, making strength training vital. Squats, bicep curls and farmer's walks (lunging forward and walking with weights in both hands) are all simple means of exercise to boost metabolism and to increase muscle mass.

Aerobic Exercise

Using aerobic exercise to boost metabolism is a great idea, especially if you've already cut out the fatty and starch-filled foods that slow your metabolism from the get-go. Going for a run or engaging in any other form of cardio will not only help strengthen your heart, but the higher the intensity of the exercise, the higher the rate of your metabolism will be after your workout is over.


At its very core, CrossFit is the best type of workout for improving your body's internal system. This type of exercise is inclusive of the muscle building exercises key to both strength training and cardio. In one unique combination, you have a workout that blasts calories and provides you with much-needed energy. This makes the training in CrossFit the most effective exercise to boost metabolism. Around a person's mid-20s, the body's metabolic rate begins to slow down. This change can be even more drastic if you're not exercising and eating right, potentially leading to a 10% drop every decade. This comes in comparison to the less than 1% decline that a physically active person sees every ten years. Through a combination of dieting with your meal management system and pushing yourself to continue exercising, it will be easy to maintain and build upon your metabolic rate. By taking to the gym, continuing to usea combination of weightlifting and aerobic exercise, you'll be able to boost yourself up and keep kicking ass where it counts most - everywhere.    

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