Creating Easy Pasta Alternatives


If your go-to cheat meal is some form of pasta, it's not as hard as you might think to cut out heavy sauces, noodles and meats from your diet. After all, carbohydrates can help when you're hitting the gym hard, but all of the fatty extras won't do you any wonders for shaping up your body. Thanks to some creative thinking, you can replicate your favorite dishes with these pasta alternatives and pack them into your 6 Pack Bags.

Different Kinds Of Noodles

Those noodles you've bought your entire life, the ones that are less than a dollar at the grocery store, are about the unhealthiest thing you can put into your body. Sure, you can get a lot of carbs from them, but unless you can recognize more than two ingredients than you're better off not eating them. Seek out pasta alternatives like whole grain soba noodles, which actually come packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins.




The term "pasta alternatives" doesn't mean you have to relegate yourself to other grain pastas for the rest of your life. There are tons of different vegetables that can act as substitute including cabbage. Simply by shredding your cabbage and cooking it until starts to curl, you'll be able to replicate pastas feel on your fork in no time.



They don't call it spaghetti squash for no reason. To make some pasta using this yellow squash, split the veggie in half and grab a fork. Pull your fork across the inside of the squash to make spaghetti-like strands that will be a delicious pasta alternative. If you're a fan of small noodles, the spaghetti squash is the best route to introducing a new food into your diet.



As we've learned from our two previous veggies, simply by preparing a food in a different manner, it's relatively easy to recreate pasta. For zucchini, it's only a matter of finding your handy, dandy peeler and using it to create tasty strands of the veggie. If you are trying to create the perfect veggie lasagna, zucchini can be the perfect way of recreating this classic dish. If you have a problem with kicking pasta from your diet, don't worry. It's true, adjusting your diet can be extremely challenging even for the most hardened fitness freaks. Take it slow, use these amazing pasta alternatives and you'll be able to drop garbage noodles and sauces from your meal plan.


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