Planning And Prepping Healthy Snacks For Kids

Healthy Snacks For Kids

You're used to prepping your own meals and eating healthy, but what happens when you throw your kids into the equation? More mouths to feed and pickier taste buds to impress could potentially throw a wrench in your daily plan. However, if you plan ahead with some of these healthy snacks for kids, you'll be able to keep your schedule on track and your kids in shape.

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Kale Chips

Kids know what they like, but sometimes they can be fooled into a healthier alternative. Once they've tried it and they are hooked, they won't care about the old unhealthy version. Kale chips are the perfect option for someone trying to unhook their kids from the grips of potato chip addiction. Preheat an oven to 350 degrees, tear your kale into bite size pieces and drizzle olive oil and sea salt on them. Just 10 to 15 minutes in the oven will give you the perfect kale chips.

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Ants On A Log

There is no real recipe for Ants On A Log, it's just a matter of slapping some kind of nut butter on celery and throwing down a few raisins. Perfect for when you are running low on time and need to throw something together, Ants On A Log will ensure that your kids are entertained and eating healthy at the same time.

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Yogurt And Fruit

Despite fruit being a tasty treat, it still may take a little bribing to get your child to eat apples, berries and bananas. For healthy snacks for kids that have fruit, try incorporating some fruit slices into a couple of cups of yogurt. Packed with important probiotics, yogurt can help your child's digestive track, while fruits are full of fiber and vitamins.

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While it may have your kids wondering just exactly what it is, hummus is an extremely healthy snack for kids that can also be fun to make. Show your kids what goes into making healthy meals by gathering tahini, chickpeas, garlic, cumin, water, olive oil and salt. In a few simple steps, you'll combine these ingredients in your food processor and have a delicious treat for your family to enjoy.

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Dehydrated Fruit

Your kids probably love raisins, but they probably have never experienced how great other dehydrated fruits can be. With a dash of sugar, nearly any dehydrated fruit can become a favorite healthy snack for kids. Also, since the dehydration process shrinks fruit, you can often fit more of it into your sure seal containers. Making the effort to make sure your kids eat healthy is the only way to guarantee that they will actually learn one of life's most important lessons. Be sure to take the time to explain to your kids why healthy options are good for them and pack these healthy snacks for kids in your gym tote. The only way to combat unhealthy food is to create low-fat alternatives that they will like better.

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