Creating A Post Pregnancy Workout Plan


Congrats on your brand new bundle of joy! While you're more than happy to be a mom, you are probably feeling a little more indifferent towards the changes in your body. Ready to start on a post-pregnancy workout plan? Awesome! Getting your body back on track is just a matter of kickstarting an easygoing workout regimen and building yourself back up.

Is It The Right Time?

You might tell yourself you are ready to be back on your feet, but are you? As a fitness freak before your baby was delivered, you probably loved the gym life and keeping active every single day. Yet, between the extreme changes to your body and the birthing process itself, you're probably extremely tired. Most doctors suggest waiting six weeks after birth, as this will give your body time to rest and you time to enjoy your new addition to the family.


The idea of walking is pretty basic, especially for those of us who are in the gym pumping away on weight machines every single day. Take it slow and start thinking about your walks before the baby is even before. Purchase a baby stroller that can stand up to hearty walks and, once the baby is born, take to the walking paths and nature trails in your neighborhood. Just getting back on your feet can be a battle, so let walking be your first step back into exercising.


In general, yoga can be one of the best ways of mending the body, but it's especially helpful when trying to repair a post-pregnancy body. Try a few of these unique positions that are meant specifically for young mothers:

Warrior 2: Stand on your yoga mat sideways with your feet as wide as possible. Bend your knee and extend over your ankle while holding your arms straight out and even with your shoulders. Hold for several breaths and than alternate to your other side.

Apanasana: While laying on your back, bring your knees to your chest. Rock from sided to side gently and return to the idle position.

Boat: Perfect for strengthening your core muscles, the Boat position starts with you sitting on your butt and bring your knees up to your chest. Grab behind your knees and balance on your behind for 10 deep breathes.


With your start back into the fitness world including walking and yoga, your body will now be strong enough to do some work with weights. Don't start by hitting the gym and going crazy! Work your way back up and focus on doing small circuit training exercises with weights involved. Just getting used to the feeling of having weights back in your hands will prepare you for the more hardcore gym time that you will be putting in soon.

Getting back into the gym when you already love fitness isn't hard. You love everything about the experience of getting in a good workout, eating healthy from your meal management system and sticking to a clean lifestyle. Yet, when you throw in a pregnancy and a newborn baby, things can get a little bit more complicated. Take your time getting back to the gym and make sure to start slow on your journey back to your regular body.

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