The Top Five Things To Keep In Your Purse

topfivethingstokeepinyourpurse When it comes time to leave the house, it can be a bit of a pain deciding what items to put into your bag. Anything can happen in the course of one day and you always want to be prepared. How do you avoid catastrophe and still have all of your daily goods? Check out our list of the "Top Five Things To Keep In Your Purse" and you'll always be ready for what the day has in store for you.



We know, we know. DUH! Your Smartphone is the most obvious item on our list of the "Top Five Things To Keep In Your Purse," but we think it's important far beyond being connected to loved ones and work types. If you're a fitness freak, who is constantly tracking their progress with dieting and workout apps, you know you can't go anywhere without your phone. Haven't used your phone for this yet? It will become even more of a necessary purse item once you start downloading fitness apps. topfivethingstokeepinyourpurse4

Water Bottle/Mixer

When it comes to leading a busy lifestyle, staying hydrated is half the battle. That's why the third entry on our list of the "Top Five Things To Keep In Your Purse" is a water bottle/mixer. The right bottle can bring so much to your life. 1. It won't falter and end up soaking your other purse contents. 2. It will keep your drinking clean and avoiding other unhealthy drinkables. 3. You'll be prepared for the gym at anytime. topfivethingstokeepinyourpurse5

Prepped Meals

Thanks to our new stylish gym bags for women, keeping meals that you've prepared in advance in your purse is now an option. From the Vixen Elite Bowler [two meals] to the Victoria Elite Tote [four meals], you'll always be able to eat healthy on the go. Perfect for a day out at the mall with the kids or even a night on the town, these new bags bring the looks of high-end purses with the added benefit of keeping your food safe and sound.



So you just finished eating your pre-prepped salad for lunch. What do you do? Walk away and not think twice about your appearance? Take a look at your mouth and make sure there aren't any massive greens stuck in your teeth? If you lean towards the former, do yourself a favor and buy a compact for your purse. There is nothing worse than having an embarrassing moment with food caught in your gums and going back to work like everything is good.



Staying fit takes a lot of commitment. After all, it doesn't just end at the gym door. With our latest gym bags for women, we've equipped each with pockets that are perfect for storing the final item on our list of the "Top Five Things To Keep In Your Purse"- Supplements. They help keep you strong, they help your body repair and they keep you energized throughout the day. Now you'll be able to manage them in an even easier way. With a handy gym bag and the right gear, you'll never go wrong or stray away from your fitness goals. Now it's your turn! What gear is essential to your purse? Let us know in the comment section and tell us how it makes an impact on your daily life.

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