6 Pack Fitness Elite Athlete: Dana Linn Bailey, Pt. 3

There is NO OFFSEASON for Dana Linn Bailey. Building on the success of the body that has already won her so many competitions and awards, Dana's current workout regimen extends her even further. Can you take us through a typical week of workouts? My schedule is legs, chest, back, shoulders, legs, rest and that's basically my current split. I do a day off and then I start all over again. I'm trying to get cut more in my legs, so I'll do one heavy leg day, and at the end of the week I'll do one light circuit day. Every visit to the gym pretty much changes. On a chest day, I might start with an incline. The next time I'll start with quads. The following time I'll start with a decline. What's your favorite day of workouts? My favorite day is chest day because I love to bench. It gives you a feeling of how strong you are, like a bench contest. Right now my max is 230 pounds for one and a half reps. Two, if I'm slightly spotted. I'm always trying to up my bench. It's such a meathead thing of me to do... What are your biggest obstacles in the gym? The biggest obstacle is getting through leg day. The heavy day is just painful the whole time, and the circuit day I just hate because I'm not working with heavy weights. I enjoy lifting, so it's not too much of a task. The only task is cardio. If there is someone on this planet that enjoys cardio, then I'm sorry, but you guys are weird. Any pre-gym rituals? I like to look through Instagram because I follow a lot of fitness competitors, figure competitors and bodybuilders. So, I look through those pictures and sometimes I go on YouTube to get pumped up. Do you listen to music during your workouts? I always have music ready to go as soon as I hit the gym. Lately it's been the Lil Jon Pandora Station. Very hype. So I recommend that. I always go by Pandora stations; The Lil Wayne station, the As I Lay Dying station, the Asking Alexandria station. Sometimes a little Hatebreed/Slayer action. Does the gym ever become a bore to you? It's part of the job for me. I have my 9-to-5 job where I'm at Flag Nor Fail, and then I go to my next job, which is the gym. Generally, I'm psyched for the gym no matter what.I have a long day at work, and honestly the only thing I want to do when I leave work is just go to the gym. It's something I love to do. So, how can you max out your body like Dana Linn Bailey? A rigorous gym schedule and a commitment to healthy eating with a 6 Pack Bag meal management system are imperative if you want to make your dream physique a reality. Put in the work and you will see the results. Next week, 6 Pack Fitness wraps up our interview series with Dana Linn Bailey, as the bodybuilding superstar talks about the dedication it takes to succeed in fitness.  

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