6 Pack Bags Diet Profile: Food For Your Blood Type



  • What it is: Some scientists believe that by eating specific foods your blood type will help your body function properly.
  • What you can eat: Depends on your blood type.
  • What can you drink: Depends on your blood type.
  • What you will see: You may feel a difference in the way your body reacts to sleep, workouts and illness.
Pioneered by Peter J. D'Adamo, ND, the movement of eating food for your blood type might not suit all dieters, but it can help you move your meal plan in the right direction. By discovering what food categories naturally compliment the body, you'll save time packing your DURUS meal management system and spend more time crushing it in the gym.


  • Style: Vegetarian
  • Recommended: Kale, carrots, extra virgin olive oil, cod and pinto beans
  • Not Recommended: Red meats, dairy and wheat products


  • Style: Meat Eaters
  • Recommended: Pumpkin seeds, beef, figs, Eziekiel breads and garlic
  • Not Recommended: Cabbage, cauliflower, bacon and yogurt


  • Style: Omnivore
  • Recommended: Lamb, rice milk, artichokes, turkey and oats
  • Not Recommended: Chicken, corn, tomatoes and pomegranates


  • Style: Mixed Diet
  • Recommended: Grapes. peanuts, broccoli, lamb and plums
  • Not Recommended: Shellfish, mangoes, avocado, whole milk and chicken
Working on creating a balanced diet is an important aspect of planning to eat specific foods for your blood type. Find the foods that work well for your body, avoid the kinds that don't and pack your 6 Pack Bag accordingly. You just might find that you're looking better, feeling better and working even harder in the gym without much effort at all.

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