6 Pack Fitness Elite Athlete: Dana Linn Bailey, Pt. 4

  Dana Linn Bailey has worked hard to create a muscular body that is distinctly her own. Wondering how she stays inspired to keep working out and build upon her superstar physique? In our final blog spotlighting the life of DLB, our 6 Pack Fitness Elite Athlete enlightens us on how she keeps pushing forward in the gym and offers inspiration to new bodybuilders. What other bodybuilding athletes inspire you? I've always a big fan of Larissa Reis, and I still am. We've talked on many occasions and every time I tell her, "I've always loved you!" She was always harder and bigger than other girls and built like a mini-bodybuilder. What keeps you hitting the gym hard everyday? Generally what motivates me to keep going is my fans! I always feel like if I don't take a picture one day that I am letting them down somehow. And I can't let my pictures be crappy. I have to keep on my A game! I believe that all professional athletes should look professional at all time. 6PackBags02 What advice do you have for people trying to take the next step with bodybuilding? If you're not sure what you're doing, ask somebody. The world of competitive bodybuilding is a small one and you do need to know what's going on when you're onstage. There are probably trainers at your own gym that have competed and can show you the ropes. Ask them! You will definitely need help for your first show. You don't want to go into your first show looking goofy because you're not posing right. Posing is very, very important. How can budding bodybuilders accomplish their goals? My advice is to stay disciplined. You have to have the desire to be there. You have to like what you do. It's all about the dedication. If you're dedicated, you have the desire and you have the discipline, you should be able to accomplish anything you want. Find what motivates you, work at that and keep it going. Do the work and get the job done. It's as simple as that. Dana Linn Bailey's three D's – DISCIPLINE, DESIRE and DEDICATION – play into every aspect of her life. Over the last month of this series, Dana's given us an up-close look at the discipline, desire and dedication that have propelled her to peak physical shape and the forefront of bodybuilding. It didn't happen by accident, and it certainly didn't happen overnight. Dana did the work and she got the job done. As she so succinctly put it, it is "as simple as that."

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