6PF's New Expert Collection Provides Perfect Transition From Gym To Office


Finding fitness gear that allows you to transition from beast mode to office mode isn't the easiest thing to come by. That is, until the launch of the latest 6 Pack Fitness bag line, the Expert Collection. Perfectly blurring the line between business, gym, school and home, the Expert Collection features five new bags with blazing color schemes and meal carrying versatility.

mealmanagementsystem1 mealmanagementsystem12Beast Duffle

We don't call it the "Beast" for no reason! The Beast Duffle packs five meal containers, a sports nutrition container and still has room for your dirty gym shoes in a separate compartment. Packed with space for cold gel packs, your food will always remain fresh and far away from whatever you put into the other storage area.

300_backpack_front_2300_backpack_exploded_2 Expedition Backpack 300

You carry a heavy load every single day. Between work, the gym, school and everything else in between, you're constantly on the go. Why carry around your gear in a bag that isn't built for your lifestyle? The Expedition Backpack 300 has room for a water bottle, three food containers and a padded area for your laptop. Don't have a break between the gym and school? You don't need one with the Expedition 300.

mealmanagementsystem14mealmanagementsystem13 Expedition Backpack 500

Need more space than the Expedition 300 can offer? No problem! The Expedition Backpack 500 is perfect for those who are away from the house all day and need a go-to source for healthy meals. Stay fueled for the gym and the office by eating properly and never face giving into temptation again.

mealmanagementsystem15mealmanagementsystem14 Renee Tote

Elegance and strength are now synonymous with the Renee Tote, 6 Pack Fitness' latest bag for professional women on the go. Outfitted with space for four meals and a sport nutrition compact, this bag can organize your life and keep you looking good while doing so.

mealmanagementsystem20mealmanagementsystem21 Plyo Sling

If you didn't think it was possible for 6 Pack Bags to create the perfect bag for a night out on the town then the Plyo Sling is our way of proving you wrong. Fabulous from the bottom up, the Plyo will hold two meals for you while still keeping an appearance worthy of your high-end fashion sense.

Stay tuned throughout the week for more news on our third line of new bags, the Elite Collection.

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