6 Pack Fitness Introduces The Prodigy Collection


The time has finally come! 6 Pack Fitness has launched our latest line of bags and we know you will be extremely happy with what we've been working on. The Prodigy Collection is full of bags that are bright, sporty and ready to fulfill all of your nutritional needs. Let us be the first to introduce you to the Prodigy Collection:

prodigy6PF prodigy6PF1Pursuit Backpack 300

Whether you're cramming for an exam, hitting the gym or on your way to work, the Pursuit Backpack 300 is perfect for fitting in your meals. This new meal management system features room for three meal containers, a water bottle and space for your tablet or laptop.

prodigy6PF2 Pursuit Backpack 500prodigy6PF3

Need something that packs more of a punch? The Pursuit Backpack 500 adds space for two more meal containers, making it an essential bag for day trips or overnighters to competitions and events. Inside the bag's large main compartment, you' be able to keep valuable items safe with the extremely strong padding.

prodigy6PF4prodigy6PF5Varsity Duffle

When you live a full life, you tend to have a lot of things to carry with you. There's your gym shoes, healthy meals, a soccer ball or basketball and so much more. The Varsity Duffle offers plenty of expanded storage for all of your gear. An essential bag for every situation, from a quick workout at the gym to an extended weekend away, this is the bag that will keep you eating healthy at all times.

prodigy6PF6prodigy6PF7Camille Tote

If you're stocking up at the grocery store or winding down the day with a walk around your neighborhood, you'll need to have some essential items with you. What's the best way to carry it all? The Camille Tote is perfect for keeping fresh food on you at all times and also offers optimal storage for books, laptops, and gym clothing.

fox_black_dsc8367Fox Bowler

Styish enough to take to the mall, but strong enough to survive a day at the gym, the Fox Bowler exudes grace and strength at the same time. Ideal for keeping all of daily needs on hand including your wallet, phone, keys and other important items, this bag from our Prodigy collection also features space for two 6 Pack Fitness meal containers.

Stay tuned for more news on our brand new bags including gear from the Expert Collection and the Elite Collection.

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