6 Pack Bags Fitness Feature: April Thompson, Pt. 1

april-thompson-12 Gaining the nickname "Dew" in college for her affinity for a certain beverage, April Thompson wasn't used to being known as an unhealthy person. The 28-year-old Wausau, Wisconsin native had grown up playing sports throughout high school and had always weighed a fit 110 pounds. "I've been into sports my whole life. I was a big track runner and went to States and won," Thompson says. "I was a tomboy growing up." Transitioning into college life meant a more hectic pace for Thompson, who began working out less and eating bad food more often. "As we all know," she says, "it's not so much the number on the scale that changes, but more your body composition that changes... Maybe I didn't weigh 200 pounds, but I certainly didn't look healthy at 118 pounds." Searching for a remedy for her body issues, Thompson sought refuge in numerous diets, but ultimately, found no relief. In October 2011, Thompson flipped the mental switch and decided to quit fad diets. She committed to eat six healthy meals a day and maintain a rigid exercise schedule; however, the timing of her decision wasn't necessarily in her favor. "I started my fitness journey right before the holiday season." Thompson could have waited until January to reclaim her fit body, but she quickly realized there was no better time than NOW. "I knew the number one key in achieving my fitness goals was to be PREPARED, and the only way to prepare is to have a 6 Pack Bag." She armed herself with both the DURUS 300 and 500, and set her sights on making it through the holiday season. "I brought my large 6 Pack Bag with me to all my family gatherings. I enjoyed my healthy food while everyone else enjoyed the traditional holiday foods." april-thompson-13 The end result? Thompson didn't just survive the holidays... She nailed her goals, and her momentum hasn't stopped. Now graduated from college and working as a sign language interpreter, Thompson's purchase of a 6 Pack Bag meal management system became her lifeline to maintaining healthy living. "I traveled two hours everyday. I would leave the house at 6 a.m. for an assignment two hours away and I wouldn't get home until 7 or 8 at night," Thompson recalls. "I had no other choice but to eat fast food. Thank goodness for my 6 Pack Bag. I was able to bring all my meals and put my shakes in there. Every single day my bag came with me. It really was a life saver." By utilizing her 6 Pack Bag, Thompson has not only managed to work her way down to her target weight, but she is also extremely happy with how her body looks and feels. "You always hear, 'I'm older,' 'I'm an adult, I can't get the body I had when I was younger,'" she says. "Unfortunately, that's programmed into our brains, but it's just not true." Through perseverance and hard work (and some organizational help from her 6 Pack Bag), April's body transformation is a testament to what's possible with a commitment to healthy living. And as for this holiday season? Thompson is all set to go, 6 Pack Bag fully loaded at her side. In Part 2 of April Thompson's Fitness Feature, April discusses how she manages her daily eating habits using 6 Pack Bags, how she has gained energy eating six times a day, and some of her favorite meals to pack in a DURUS meal management system. april-thompson-14

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