6 Pack Bags Fitness Feature: April Thompson, Pt. 2

april-thompson-16 "It's kind of a bucket list thing that I wanted to do," April Thompson says. "I wanted to do my own photoshoot." The 28-year-old Wisconsin sign language therapist had found the solution to her meal management needs in 6 Pack Bags, and worked hard to create her ideal body in her post-college years. Looking to achieve her goal to model in a fitness shoot, Thompson pushed forward with her DURUS meal management system by her side. The transition from eating three meals a day to six was simple for April, who immediately noticed a difference in how her body reacted to the food she was eating. "For me, it wasn't hard to eat six meals a day because I had a reason and I had a solution. It all came together. I remember before I was always so tired. I laugh now because I don't even have to set my alarm anymore." Once a week, April sits down and plans out a meal plan for seven days based on recipes from Facebook and her own modified versions of crockpot classics. "I just go through the recipes, modify them for what I should or shouldn't be eating," she says of her healthy food choices. "I can still make a lasagna, but I just make it different than it used to be." After purchasing her ingredients and cooking her meals in bulk, Thompson seals all of her food in meal containers to be stored in her 6 Pack Bags on the day they will be eating. april-thompson-17 April Thompson quickly realized that the familiarity of eating healthy meals with 6 Pack Bags was a key to successful dieting. In her own bag, Thompson keeps several staple items including protein shakes ("That's definitely a must... just powder and some almond milk."), a Quest bar, hard-boiled eggs and cottage cheese ("That's a staple"). April's dinnertime meal usually consists of a protein and vegetable including pork chops, chicken or steak and broccoli, cauliflower, peppers or zucchini. Accomplishing her goal of becoming a fitness model became a source of inspiration for Thompson. She continued to exercise and eat from her 6 Pack Bags everyday. "I think you need to have goals out there to keep you going everyday because sometimes it's not easy to get that cardio section in," she says. "Life can really throw you curveballs, but if you know what you want, you're going to do whatever it takes." In June 2011, April Thompson completed an epic achievement and shot her first fitness pictorial. In Part 1 of April Thompson's Fitness Feature, April shares how her 6 Pack Bag DURUS meal management system helped her reclaim her body and survive the holidays. april-thompson-18

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