6 Pack Bags Fitness Feature: Nick Bolton, Pt. 1

NickBolton With his commitment to working as firefighter and EMT, many would find it hard to believe that 32-year-old Nick Bolton still finds the time to hit the gym hard after work hours. Whether pursuing his own goals through competitive fitness events or helping others with his personal training group, Firehouse Fitness, this lifelong athlete works extremely hard to advance the cause of healthy living. "Some days in the firehouse can be incredibly busy. Some nights, we don't even sleep," states the Iowa State University graduate. "After workdays like these, I have to stay focused on my goals to find motivation to go to the gym as soon as I leave the firehouse. My first stop on the way home is the gym." This high level training extends to the way Nick approaches eating in his daily life. After all, life on the go is not conducive to healthy eating. With a meal management system in hand, Nick Bolton has been able to make long days at work and the gym survivable by having prepared meals ready at any time. Read on to learn how Nick stays active and eats healthy while accomplishing his own goals and helping others to achieve their fitness dreams. NickBolton1 Does having a highly demanding job ever cause you to stress eat or stray from your meal plan? As a firefighter, I don't really stress eat. The problem that we face is if we're on the scene for extended periods of time with no chance to get back to the fire truck. Situations like this do arise unexpectedly, and we just need to deal with it. I combat this with stashing a few RTD (Ready To Drink) drinks or some other supplement to tie me over until I can reach my food. Is this when a meal management system can come in handy? I use my 6 Pack Bag nearly every day. Whether I'm on the fire truck, running between personal training clients or traveling for fitness competitions, my 6 Pack Bag is sitting next to me. At the firehouse, we never know if we'll have a chance to make it back to the station to eat, so I keep my meals on the fire truck all the time. What's your meal prep process like? What kind of foods do you pack to stay healthy? My meal prep process involves cooking my food in bulk to last me a few days. I repeat the process a few days later, so I know my food is fresh. I buy in bulk and cook in bulk in order to save time and money. I like a little variety so I'll change up the seasonings or I change the meals themselves. A few of the things I pack in my bag are chicken, potatoes, vegetables, rice, yogurt, salads, tuna pouches, turkey, quinoa, RTDs, mixed nuts and granola. What advice would you offer to someone struggling to eat healthy? Eating becomes crucial when chasing those fitness goals. The easier you make the process, the better your chance of success. I recommend preparing the meals ahead of time and taking them with you. One of the biggest mistakes someone can make when trying to eat healthy is missing meals or making bad decisions when eating out. The 6 Pack Bag eliminates both of those mistakes by allowing you to take your meals with you wherever you go. Eating healthy, regardless of your work schedule, is essential to getting your life right. Nick Bolton has perfected his meal prep process to fit perfectly into his busy day-to-day life. What have you done to push yourself to the next level of fitness? It's time to quit with the excuses and further dedicate yourself to a new healthier lifestyle. NickBolton

In Part 2 of this Fitness Feature series, Nick further discusses his training schedule and how you can learn to workout like a professional firefighter. Stay tuned to gain tips and insight on how to get your own regimen on the right track.

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