6 Pack Bags Fitness Feature: Nick Bolton, Pt. 2

NickBolton In our last Fitness Feature, 32-year-old firefighter and EMT Nick Bolton espoused the virtues of keeping healthy nutrition habits with a meal management system. "Anyone seriously involved in fitness understands that sacrifice, dedication, passion, determination and drive are necessary for attaining goals," Bolton states. This view extends to the way that Nick approaches his training schedule. With a tireless work ethic, Bolton busts his ass in the gym to reach his own fitness goals and help others, all in his off-time from the firehouse. By instilling the ethics of his workplace with his new training group, Firehouse Fitness, the Iowa State University grad has brought a sense of teamwork and dedication to the gym. Discover how Nick Bolton got his start in fitness and how his firehouse ideology continues to help him stomp any goal in his way. NickBolton1 How'd you get your start in fitness and personal training? I've been an athlete my whole life. I began playing little league baseball when I was nine and grew up playing a wide variety of other sports. I actually began personal training in 1999 while attending Iowa State University. I trained for both the university and for the city of Ames. When I graduated, I moved to Kansas City and opened up a small personal training studio. From there, I joined Lifetime Fitness as the Group Training Coordinator where I stayed for almost three years. In 2010, I left Lifetime Fitness and began training under my own name once again. What's your typical workout schedule like? When I began stepping on stage in fitness competitions, I changed my mindset on fitness and my physique at the time. I focused on reshaping my body and changing my weaknesses into strengths. Every day, I continue to push myself to be better than yesterday. I work out 6 days a week. Some weeks, my day off ends up being a light cardio day or some other outdoor activity. Even though my workout splits change almost weekly, my current workout split is: Mon: Chest Tues: Legs/Core Wed: Back Thur: Shoulders Fri: Legs/Core Sat: Arms Sun: REST. Tell us about Firehouse Fitness and what that title means? This is my fitness brand that I started developing last year. It encompasses all the values and characteristics of the fire service as a foundation with the principles of exercise and fitness. Currently, we provide online personal training, online nutrition guidance, personal training and boot camps in the Kansas City area. I grew the brand as I spent my time in the firehouse as a firefighter here in Kansas. I felt the need to build a brand that stood for something more than just fitness. There is so much more to fitness for those that LIVE fitness every single day. These are things that no one else would truly understand without a symbol or a brand that could stand for it. What makes Firehouse Fitness training different from other boot camps? Firehouse Fitness utilizes actual fire equipment from the firehouse in our boot camps. Firehoses, tires, sandbags and ropes are just a few of the things we use. The boot camps are performed outside at different locations around Kansas City. Just like a fire company, every single person in the boot camp is part of the team. We work together to accomplish the same task and improve our personal level of fitness. What advice would you give to someone looking to farther in the fitness world? If you're looking to go further in the fitness world, you need to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone. Whether you're trying to step on stage, get sponsored or land a cover, you need to be willing to take the extra steps that others won't take. Be willing to make sacrifices to reach your goals. Always stay focused on your goal and that will keep you motivated. NickBolton2 Developing a plan and pushing past your goals is the only way to achieve a high level of fitness. It's easier said than done, but putting in the unforgiving work (like Nick Bolton has done), will only make you stronger. Focus on creating a split that gets you moving in the gym, a nutrition plan that utilizes a meal management system and keep a healthy outlook on every aspect of your life. Remember, your ladder to the top is built on your own blood, sweat and tears. Has owning a 6 Pack Bag helped you to maintain a healthy lifestyle like it has for Nick Bolton? We want to hear your story! Share your transformation or achievement with mike(at)sixpackbags.com for your chance to be a part of our Fitness Feature series.  

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