6PF Guide To Fitness Gifts: The Right Gym Bag For Every Person In Your Life

Fitness Gifts-02 With New Year's resolutions on the horizon, the holidays are a great time to give fitness gifts. From newly declared health junkies to long-time Swoldiers to busy fit professionals, there's the perfect gym bag, gym tote, or meal management system for them all. Find out what our athletes have to say about their favorite bags, and get inspired with the right choice for every type of fitness freak you know.

The Nutrition Fanatic – Expert Innovator 300

Fitness Gifts-03 Whether you're looking for fitness gifts for the person who is looking to turn a nutritional leaf or someone who is already well on their way, meal management bags are a uniquely relevant choice. They already know they need to plan their meals according to a proper nutritional guide. Help them help themselves with a gym bag that does the organizing for them. Just ask 6 Pack Athlete Dana Linn Bailey, who loves the Innovator 300 (in Hot Pink, of course) so much that she even took it to a demolition derby.

The Traveler – Elite Voyager

Fitness Gifts-04 A good backpack is essential to any traveler, but only a great gym backpack like the Elite Voyager can do it all. Why else would Steve Cook choose this bag as his personal favorite? He's taken it all over the world, including Singapore and New Zealand! For the person who is always on the move€¦ help them lighten their load (or at least organize it better) with a gym backpack that carries everything they could ever possibly need.

The Sports Enthusiast – Sports Duffle Bags

Fitness Gifts-05 For the sports lover who is always on the go, comprehensive sports bags are some of the best fitness gifts money can buy. Go with the Elite Alpha for the busy professional athlete and the Prodigy Varsity for the student juggling studies and practice. From tournaments to competitions to just the every day practice routine, sports buffs should have equipment that can be easily organized for optimum use.

The Professional – Elite Executive

Fitness Gifts-06 We all know this person: they're always wearing a suit, on the phone, and rushing off to meetings. Somehow they also have the time to maintain a killer body, and never seem to miss a gym session. What do you get the toughest professionals? A gym bag with the spirit of a briefcase, of course. Go with the Elite Executive, the personal choice of 6 Pack Athlete Matt Christianer. As an IFBB Pro, fitness entrepreneur, pro fitness model, and personal trainer, Matt clearly knows a thing or five about being super busy yet staying on top of it all.

The Badass Woman On The Go – Gym Totes

Fitness Gifts-07 One thing this world needs more of is badass women. Treat the badass woman in your life with fitness gifts to help her dominate in the gym while looking as great as ever. With gym totes available in smaller sizes like the Vixen Handbag and Plyo Sling or larger ones like the Victoria Tote or Renee Tote, there's sure to be the right one for the fabulously fit woman you know. Help her take it to the next level (because you know that's where she's headed) with a gym tote fit for her beauty and the beast she's hiding within. This season, fitness gifts are the perfect way to show the people you love how much you care. Not only are you showing that you care, but you're also showing that you know they care: about their bodies, health levels, and fitness goals. Whether a meal management bag for the nutrition buff or a duffle bag for the sports fan, 6 Pack has a gym bag for everyone. Browse all the collections for even more colors and styles. If you need a little extra motivation, get inspired and find out some of the bags used by the fans featured in our Transformation Stories!

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