Transformations Series: Ahmad Sakr

fitness transformation ahmad-02 At 6 Pack, there's not much we love more than hearing the inspirational stories behind the fitness transformations of our fans. In this edition of our Transformations Series, we bring you the story of Ahmad Sakr, a 21-year-old Canadian with a very impressive level of ambition and drive. He learned that combining your fitness regimen with a meal management system is crucial for success. Get inspired with his fitness insights today! Ahmad began his fitness transformation at the age of 16 when he decided to change his lifestyle in a way that his future self could thank him for. He began running and slowly made his way to competing in running events. He has now raced in countless 5k races and 5 half marathons, one of which was outside Canada. His best race to this day is placing 44th out of 8387 people with a 5k time of 18:30. The next step to further challenging himself was to start training for triathlons. He has now raced in 4 triathlons in the span of one season with his best race being 6th place overall and finishing 1st in the men's 20-24 age category. fitness transformation ahmad-03 One thing that happened as a result of doing a great deal of high cardio is that Ahmad realized he had lost a good deal of weight and needed to gain some muscle. At age 18 he began lifting weights seriously and building his knowledge of the proper nutrition, supplements, and workout routines. During the off season he trains 5 days a week in the gym and takes two rest days in a row so his body can recover properly for the next 5 days of intense training.

"I push my body to its limits every day in training. In my eyes, fitness comes down to three things: nutrition, intensity, and consistency. You need all three in order to make changes and see noticeable results in your transformation."

fitness transformation ahmad-04 A proper diet is critical in giving your body all the nutrition it needs, and a meal management system helps you stay on target with ease. After seeing one of his role models using their 6 Pack Bag (none other than the original Swoldier, Steve Cook), Ahmad knew he had to get one for himself. Ahmad uses the Innovator 300 - Gaspari Edition, which is his favourite because he knows where everything is and never has to go digging. He also likes how the gel packs on the side keep his meals fresh when working long days or nights.

"The Innovator 300 keeps everything organized and in one place. It's the perfect fit for me in my everyday life."

fitness transformation ahmad-06 Throughout his fitness transformation, Ahmad noticed that not only had he been able to inspire himself to make a change, but he was also starting to inspire others around him, and even people he didn't know. People were starting to ask him for advice and tips on how to attain their fitness goals. Since he works as Intermediate Youth Worker with the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, in addition to serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, many young individuals view Ahmad as a positive role model. fitness transformation ahmad-05 He's grateful for the opportunity to motivate, as he was once in their shoes. He wants to educate the youth on sports, fitness, proper nutrition, and healthy eating because he believes if you start positive habits at a young age, they will be ingrained in you for life. Ahmad is proud of how far he has come in his fitness transformation, as well as how much further he is willing to go, and so are we! The next awesome tasks he has set in store for himself include competing in a men's physique show, cycling across Canada, and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, which he actually did June of this year! We're excited that our meal management system has been able to help Ahmad achieve his goals, and we can only wish more success for his future. Something tells us, however, that Ahmad doesn't really need our luck. With that kind of passion and energy at such a young age, Ahmad is sure to go far!

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