Gym Slang: Swole Glossary, Part 2

gym slang-08 Hello again, Swoldiers. Welcome to the second edition of the Swole Glossary in our gym slang series. We're back to dive even deeper into the extensive vernacular of the Swoldier. Pack up your gym backpack and grab your protein shake. It's time to go to Swoldier School.


A state of being so swole that it's sick. There is no higher level of swole. You will know you have Swoleiosis when people stop what they are doing to stare at you as you walk by. But beware: once you have Swoleiosis, there is no cure.
"Bro, I'm worried about you. I think you might have Swoleiosis."

Swoler Bear

A Swoldier who is on the verge of having Swoleiosis, but who also sports a healthy amount of body hair. If you are extremely swole and display a full beard, some Wolverine style mutton-chops, or an impressive amount of chest hair, you may be considered a Swoler Bear. gym slang-04
"Bro, don't shave. Ladies love a Swoler Bear."


An artful selfie taken by a Swoldier and posted to social media sites, typically Instagram. A good Swolefie is best taken in a gym mirror immediately after an intense pump to showcase your ultimate swoleness.
"Bro, do you even lift?" "Seriously, did you not see my last Swolefie?"

Swole Sisters

Similar to a Swolemate, Swole Sisters are two hard-bodied women who do all the heavy lifting. When Swole Sisters hit the gym, all eyes are on them. But bro, don't you dare ask a Swole Sister if they need a spot. They are strong Swoldiers who don't need a spot from any man. gym slang-06
"Hey Swole Sister, I don't wanna miss a single set you do tonight." Train - Hey, Soul Sister (6 Pack Remix)


Looking or behaving like a massive, destructive dinosaur in the gym. Throwing around weights while growling, screeching, or yelling will put you in the category of Swolesaur. You don't have to look prehistoric or have strangely short arms to be considered a Swolesaur, but it might help you fit the part.
"Did you hear that dude? He sounds like a Swolesaur!"
Well, that concludes the second edition of 6 Pack's Swole Glossary. Check out part one of our guide to swole gym slang, and don't forget to come back for the third and final edition of our Swole Glossary! Your homework tonight for Swoldier School is to fill up your 6 Pack gym backpack with your new verbiage and hit the gym. Go hunting for a Swoler Bear and post a sick Swolefie. Don't forget to tag us @6packbags!

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