Transformations Series: Jordan Armentrout

fitness transformation jordan-02Our Transformations Series highlights the perseverance and drive of many individuals that have lost weight, bulked up, and improved their overall health. What holds many people back in their fitness transformation journeys is a negative mindset. With the right motivation, meal management system, and workout plan, you would be surprised how easily you can meet your goals. Today we introduce you to Jordan Armentrout, a full time psychotherapist from Shreveport, Louisiana. Jordan went from being a thin cheerleader at Louisiana Tech University to competing in bodybuilding competitions with the ultimate goal of competing at Olympia. Jordan started his fitness transformation about four years ago when he was early into his college education. At 6'1, Jordan weighed in at 169 pounds. He didn't want to be known as "that skinny kid" anymore. In fact, he hated being referred to as thin or a toothpick. "For some people, that would be a compliment, but for me it was anything but. I decided that I would do everything in my power to never be called that again," he explained. fitness transformation jordan-03 Four years later, Jordan now weighs 228 pounds and is beginning to bulk up for the upcoming competition season. While he doesn't follow a specific diet while bulking, he tries to maintain over 4,000 calories every day. He'll begin cutting in a few months and will follow a strict diet of grilled/baked fish and meats, greens, and all-natural carbs. Jordan has no time for processed food or "bad carbs" in his diet! Currently, he trains six days a week, allowing himself one day to rest. He makes sure to work all of his muscle groups twice a week for the best results. fitness transformation jordan-04 The biggest hurdle that Jordan faced during his fitness transformation was his mindset. People repeatedly told him how skinny he was and that he was too small to compete, and it affected him to the point that he actually believed them. "It has been an everyday process telling myself that I am capable of being something different than who I was," Jordan said. Jordan has goals as big as his gains for the future – not only for his personal fitness transformation, but for others as well. He got his master's degree in Clinical Mental Health so he can help others who have difficulty inspiring themselves. Always striving to inspire others, Jordan lives by this advice:

"My fitness advice would be to never give up or to think that what you want to do isn't possible. If you want something, go get it and don't stop until it's yours."

fitness transformation jordan-05 Jordan's goal of inspiring others has started to become a reality. Many of his peers have been inspired by Jordan's fitness transformation, and two of his best friends have begun working on their own journeys. So far, they've lost 150 pounds between the two of them! Besides working out, Jordan loves to spend time with his girlfriend, who is also a fitness fanatic thanks to him. In May 2015, the two of them will be competing on the same stage. And we all know the old saying – a couple that lifts together stays together! Jordan first heard about 6 Pack Fitness at his first competition, where he met a competitor who used a 6 Pack bag to carry their prepped meals. The functionality of the gym backpack blew Jordan away, as he was "eating out of [his] tupperware out of a plastic bag." Jordan continued, "I felt very ill prepared, to say the least." His current meal system isn't his ideal way of carrying food around, but Jordan is saving up for his very first 6 Pack bag. Even though he doesn't have his own gym backpack yet, the stories of 6 Pack's sponsored competitors inspire him as he continues to strive toward his fitness goals. fitness transformation jordan-06 Jordan's fitness transformation is far from over. He plans to step back on the stage in May 2015 and take first place in a physique competition. He doesn't want to stop until he qualifies for a national show and eventually the Olympia competition. With the work ethic and perseverance he has shown in his transformation, there's no doubt in our minds that Jordan will get there. 6 Pack wishes you the best of luck with all of your future endeavors, Jordan!

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