How To Improve Your Running Form

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Ever notice a misstep in your running form? Running is a great way to build muscles in your legs, abdominals, and other target areas, but it's important to do it the right way. After all, proper form is crucial to actually getting benefit from the exercise. Check out these tips on how to improve your running form, get a fresh snack from your meal management system to avoid cramping and hit the road, trail or treadmill for a good workout.


The correct posture is central if you want to improve your running form. Aligned, straight posture is the way to go. You should naturally look ahead without jutting your chin out. This will help straighten your neck and back. Shoulders should be at a low and loose position, while also remaining level. With head and shoulders in the correct position, your torso will naturally follow suit. Running in this manner encourages ideal lung capacity.


Breathing from the stomach is hands down the best form for running. You can easily practice this at home to improve your running form. Simply lie flat on your back and breathe deep from your belly, watching your abdomen rise and fall. The more you breathe this way, the easier it will be to do while running.


The part of the foot that lands as you run is universally acknowledged as one of the most important components to proper form. Simply put, you should never land on your heel. This can contribute to back and knee pain. Instead, you should aim to land near the middle of the foot. Since this is where your body's natural center of mass is, doing so will surely improve your running form.


It's very easy to over stride when running. However, doing so can lead to injuries such as runner's knee and shin splints. When you improve your running form, risk of injury greatly decreases. Shorter strides require less joint movement, which means your joints will be generally healthier and not overused. The best stride is a short one combined with a minor lift of the knee.

Intensity Level

Even after you improve your running form, you can still overdo it. Running faster does not equal running better. A key way to control your level is to train your body. Slow your pace and wear a heart rate monitor to determine your running intensity. Set the monitor to a specific pace and don't stray from it. Your body will adjust and you'll be able to run faster with less strain. If you pay attention to these areas, you'll quickly improve your running form. Running provides excellent exercise, but a proper fitness plan includes nutrition as well. A meal management system combined with your running routine is a fully fleshed out exercise regimen.

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