How to Meal Prep: Low Carb Ketogenic Diet With Michael Plantin

Low Carb Ketogenic Diet Header A low carb ketogenic diet is one where you cut out or extremely limit your carbohydrate intake, which thrusts your body into a process called ketosis. When you cut the carbs out of your diet your body switches its energy source from carbohydrates (glucose) to an energy source called ketones, which is what your body will start to produce with the absence of carbohydrates (glucose) in the body. To break down your calories, your fats should make up 75% of your total caloric intake, protein should be at 20%, and carbs at 5%. Fitness enthusiasts like a low carb ketogenic diet because it forces the body to adapt and more efficiently use fat as fuel. The reduction of carbs causes a rise in ketones, which stem from liver fatty acids and are used for energy since carbs are sparse. It's been noted that ultra-endurance athletes who followed a low carb ketogenic diet burned up to 2.3 times more fat in a 3-hour exercise session.

Foods to Eat While on A Low Carb Ketogenic Diet

The following foods are great choices for keto: avocado, eggs, full fat meats such as 80/20 ground beef, cheese, organic grass-fed butter, full-fat bacon, raw nuts, full-fat cream cheese, unwich sandwiches, and, of course, lots of green leafy veggies. Low Carb Ketogenic Diet 1

A Full Day's Meals

Meal 1Low Carb Ketogenic Diet 2 Cloud Bread (low-carb bread substitute): 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons of cream cheese baked in a pan Macros: Protein 21g / Fat 28g / Carbs 3g Meal 2 Spicy Drumsticks: 5 drumsticks Macros: Protein 42g / Fat 39g / Carbs 9g Meal 3 Club Unwich (Sandwich without bread wrapped in romaine lettuce): Turkey, ham, roast beef, lettuce, tomato, yellow peppers, and mayo Macros: Protein 57g / Fat 53g / Carbs 3g Meal 4 Cloud Bread: 5 eggs, 2 tablespoons of cream cheese baked in pan Macros: Protein 27g / Fat 34g / Carbs 3g Snack Ice cream nightcap: 1 serving of Arctic Zero ice cream with 2 servings of Jif peanut butter drizzled with Walden Farms chocolate syrup Macros: Protein 17g / Fat 34g / Carbs 20g Total Macros for the Day: Protein 164 g / Fat 188g / Carbs 32g / 2476 calories

Meal Prep Tips for a Low Carb Ketogenic Diet

While on the low carb ketogenic diet, you cook your food every day, if possible, because refrigeration of high-fat meats can cause the fats to consolidate in the bottom of the containers. Even though this diet is high in fat consumption, be sure to eat plenty of green leafy vegetables to make up for vitamins you will be missing out on from the carbs you have cut out. When cooking high-fat meats such as burgers, bacon, or steaks, cook with a lid on the pan. The high-fat meats will pop all over your kitchen. I continuously had to clean grease and fat off of my cabinets, the floor in front of the stove, and even the ceiling, so even if you don't take anything else away from this, take this tip seriously! Low Carb Ketogenic Diet 3

Favorite Snack

I would have to say my favorite snack while on the low carb ketogenic diet would have to be Arctic Zero ice cream with melted almond or peanut butter poured into a bowl with some Walden Farms chocolate syrup! Feels like you're cheating but this is a snack you can fit in daily and hit your macros every time. See above for the nutritional details, too. A low carb ketogenic diet has many benefits and could help you achieve your fitness goals! Want to learn even more about styles of meal prep? We have How to Meal Prep guides for several different diets and food preferences, including Vegan Meal Prep, Paleo and On the Farm! Tackle your diet and handle your meals with our meal management bags and you'll never have to worry about missing important nutritional needs ever again. This post has been brought to us by 6 Pack ambassador, Michael Plantin. Michael is 23 years old, a member of the United States Air Force, and currently working towards his BA in Kinesiology. He has competed twice in the NPC Men's Physique class and placed in the top four both times. He has an active presence on social media with a focus on growing his own knowledge as well as educating others and sharing as much information as he can with people who are willing to listen. Be sure to check him out on YouTube and follow @Aesthetic_Mikes on Instagram! Michael Plantin

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