Bodybuilding Pros and Strongman Competitors Talk Meal Prep on the Road

MealPrep The 2013 Arnold Classic is over and has been CRUSHED! While at the competition, we interviewed all of your favorite IFBB pros, ASC pros and fitness leaders about the meal prep process. How do they plan for hectic competition schedules, photo shoots and early flights? Plan first and eat later! As the 2004 Mr. Universe, Zach Kahn is no stranger to getting beastly on the road. Forget normal lunchboxes, Zach found 6 Pack Fitness at a bodybuilding expo and hasn't stopped pushing since. "I have to get my meals. That's my job," Kahn says. "6 Pack Bags are a lifesaver for me."

When he isn't competing in IFPA and NGA pro bodybuilding events, Layne Norton works as a licensed dietician teaching others about nutrition. "Nutrition is king and exercise is queen," Norton exclaims. The man with the brains and brawn further explains the benefits of doing your meal prep in advance.

Using a meal management system is the only way for Steve Cook to travel. "I don't feel good when I eat poorly," Cook says of his eating regimen. "There is no off season." This IFBB Pro packs his 6 Pack Bags with fish, sweet potatoes, sirloin ground turkey and greens while dominating competitions all across the world.

Adam Scherr knows a thing or two about the constant need to have food in your stomach. With a 6'8", 420-pound frame, the ASC strongman works to keep bulked up year-round. "I don't even have a real set eating time. I gotta eat all day long," Scheer says of his daily schedule. Find out what keeps this big man motivated to meal prep properly in our interview with him.

As trainer to the champions, Charles Glass has a life goal to destroy gyms. Working with weight lifting monsters like Flex Wheeler, Chris Cormier and Paul Dillet, Glass says that nutrition should be 70% to 80% of everything you do in life.

Maintaining your nutrition is the only way to keep the massive gains coming. Power through your workouts by planning with a meal management system and you'll be sure to reap the benefits of the muscles still to come.

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