Is Organic Food Better For You?


With a large variety of produce options and the rise of health food brands, there are many veggies, fruits and meats vying for a spot in your meal management system. For the sake of your health and your wallet, it's finally time to answer the question, "Is organic food better for you?"

The Debate

Organic foods have the benefit of being grown without synthetic pesticides, additives and fortifying agents. The pesticides in regular produce cause harm to the environment, while organic farmers aim to reduce the amount of chemicals released. This means that those looking to both implement a clean diet and help the environment might prefer organic products for the meals they will pack in their 6 Pack Bags. If you're looking to include more produce in your meal management system, but are also concerned with keeping your food costs at a reasonable level, conventional produce is likely your best option. Since it costs much less to use pesticides than it does to tend to organic foods, conventional produce comes at a lower cost. This affordability means that conventional produce is also more accessible. When it comes to nutritional value, the question, "is organic food better for you?" is no longer valid. There is no evidence that organic food is more nutritious than conventionally grown produce. Regular fruits and vegetables have the same vitamins, minerals and low amounts of fat as organic produce. However, equal nutritional value does not necessarily mean the items are grown or processed in an equally healthy way.

The Pros and Cons Breakdown of Eating Organic Food

  • You won't contribute to polluting the environment with potentially dangerous pesticides.
  • You can prevent unwanted additives, pesticides and hormones from entering your body.
  • Eat clean and not worry about what you are putting into your body.
  • Eating organic food isn't always friendly to your wallet.
  • There is reportedly no added nutritional value to eating organic food.
So, is organic food better for you? If you're looking to eat as cleanly as possible, packing your 6 Pack Bags with organic foods is your best option. If you are looking for produce that is nutritious and beneficial to your health, either organic or conventional produce will do. It's simply a matter of preference. Photo Credit: Ntoper

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