Tips For Proper Gym Hygiene

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Working out to stay healthy and keep your body looking good are two important reasons why we go to the gym every day. However, if you're always getting sick from having poor hygiene habits, you'll never even make it to the weight bench. Check out our proper gym hygiene habits and tips below to stay healthy and fit.

Pre-Gym Hygiene

  • Cut your nails to avoid collecting nasty germs at the gym.
  • It seems like common sense, but buy gym clothes that cover your body's most vulnerable spots to fight infection and disease.
  • Be sure to cover all cuts and scrapes to prevent infections.
  • If you're already sick, avoid the gym. There is no sense in spreading the disease or potentially getting more ill by pushing yourself.

Gym Hygiene

  • If your gym doesn't supply them, pack a towel or some paper tissue in your 6 Pack Bags to wipe down your gym equipment after use.
  • Don't use a community yoga mat. Trust no one's germs.
  • Use two different towels throughout your workout. One for your body and one for your machine.
  • Pack a water bottle in your meal management system and avoid places with germs like the water fountain.

Post-Gym Hygiene

  • Wear footwear in the shower€¦ Duh! After the gym, soak your sandals in a 10% bleach/90% water mixture to kill all germs.
  • Use liquid soap in the gym shower. It will harbor fewer germs than a bar of soap.
  • Washing your hair regularly will help to avoid greasy skin and hair.
  • Avoid the spa or sauna if you have any open cuts or wounds. It's better to be safe than sorry.
  • Don't leave your dirty gym gear in your bag or inside a spare pocket of your meal management system. Take your stuff out, wash it and replace it if it's getting too funky.
To keep kicking ass in the gym, you have to maintain your healthy body and mind outside of it. With help from our proper gym hygiene tips, you'll feel better, lower the chance of contracting an illness and stay looking sexy. Don't drop the ball on your health or appearance.  

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