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6PF-Collage A - Master materials for the Innovator collection. B - Customer Service Team at work in our SF Offices. C - SF Team reviewing the production slate. D - Elite Collection gunmetal hardware and pulls.   As many of you know, we have been accepting pre-orders for the 2013 Elite and Expert Collections. These collections are the culmination of a year and a half of development and represents our vision of designing the ultimate bags and luggage for traveling fit. At the start of the year, we began to assemble the 2013 collections. Soon after beginning production, our manufacturing team discovered additional ways to make the new bags more durable and functional. We were given a choice; either continue with the current process and rush to meet our original ship date, or take additional time to create a better bag for you. Instead of hurrying along production, we decided to utilize additional manufacturing time to ensure that the products we deliver are the BEST DAMN BAGS POSSIBLE, PERIOD. We also realized that this extra time would ensure that 6 Pack Fitness owners have their new bags for many years to come. We are deeply sorry for the delay. As an athlete and fitness enthusiast who takes their nutrition seriously, we know you expect the best and we want to give it to you. We would not have made this decision if we didn't think it was in your best interest. Our goal is clear: We want you as a customer for life. We know this relationship begins with complete transparency and honesty from us as a company. It also requires a product that meets your expectations and stands up over time. We hope you allow us the chance to deliver both. The first wave of bags are currently slated to leave our factories over the next two weeks. Once we receive them, we will be working overtime to get them on the delivery path to you. We will be sending you order status updates between now and the time you receive your bag. These updates will let you know what stage of production your bag is in. There are 6 steps to getting a bag to you, and we will let you know where you are in the process. Please contact our Customer Service Team with any questions about your order. You may reach Ashley, Gracel, Sam, Corrie, Geoffrey or me at our SF offices with questions regarding your pre-order. Our SF office is open M-F 9AM - 5PM PST. Feel free to contact us by phone at 888.240.7009 or by email at info@sixpackbags.com. ** And lastly... We CANNOT WAIT to connect you with our 2013 Collection. These bags are truly amazing. Travel Fit, Gera Rivkin€¨ CEO 6 Pack Fitness gera-work2 888-240-7009 (M-F 9AM - 5PM PST) ** - For those who have pre-ordered bags from us, please make sure to add info@sixpackbags.com to your mailing lists to prevent messages from going to your spam folder. We will continue to update you on your bags progress via email. Not sure if you're on the list? Send us a quick email, and we'll confirm you're in.

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