How to Stay Motivated at the Gym

HowtoStayMotivated What do you do when the gym gets boring and it gets tough to figure out how to stay motivated? Pack up your favorite meal in a meal management system, find inspiration in the tips below and get hyped to dominate in the gym once again.

Read Success Stories

Building muscle and bulking up are processes that take time. When your motivation to hit the gym and get huge is low, try reading some success stories from those who have made a strong fitness commitment. Need a starting place? Check out some of our 6 Pack Bags Fitness Features.

Instagram Envy

Follow accounts on Instagram that include photos of buff people to motivate you to work even harder in the gym. Even on days where you're not into your workout, Instagram envy can push you to do that next set or to run that final mile. Likewise, if you need food inspiration, check out healthy meals that people are eating and pack one of these in your 6 Pack Bags. The perfect example? @DanaLinnBailey.

Switch Up Your Routine

A lackluster gym experience can often be the result of a less than stellar routine. Changing the way you workout is a great tip on way to stay motivated at the gym. A break from an intense regimen for some cardio or rearranging your split all together could make you feel differently about long days in the gym.

Fitness Playlist

Pump yourself up before and during your workout with a high-energy fitness playlist. Gather a list of your favorite songs and create a rhythm of building intensity as your workout increases in difficulty. If you're in need of song inspiration, listen to tracks from our "Motivation To Sweat" playlist and get your ass in gear.

Enlist A Trainer

If you can't figure out how to stay motivated at the gym yourself, enlist a trainer. With a mix of inspiration and tough love, a trainer will push you to work harder at each workout. Having someone to make you accountable and kick you in the ass will ensure you're ready to go full force. Whether you want to go to the next level or just need an extra push, these tips on how to stay motivated at the gym are the best ways to get you working harder. Don't let laziness take you hostage! Kick it up a notch, find your inner strength and push it to the limit. Your body doesn't control you... You control it.

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