The Benefits of Superfruits

benefitsof superfruits02 It's common knowledge that fruits and vegetables are healthy additions to your diet, but if you're looking to take your body to the next level, it's time to try superfruits. Delicious, loaded with nutrients and packed with antioxidants, superfruits are the perfect way to add a boost to your diet and your meal management system. Superfruits are not your run-of-the mill fruit. They are vitamin and nutrient rich, making them helpful for anyone who considers themselves a gym rat. The key to building muscle with superfruits is choosing food items with folate or folic acid. As you pack your diet with protein to build and recover muscle, this acid allows your body to hold onto that protein in order to make your muscle repair and growth effective. What's the perfect example of a superfruit? When it comes to increasing muscle, avocadoes are the best. Though they have high calorie content, these fruits have healthy fats and folate, which helps the body absorb protein. The fats in avocadoes also help lower the growing levels of cholesterol symptomatic of a high protein diet. Need to know more superfruits that can boost your energy, improve your workout and help build muscle? Here are six additional fruits that you can add to your meal prep process and pack in your 6 Pack Bags:

Acai Berries

Loaded with antioxidants, you can eat acai berries dried or add them to protein shakes for added health benefits to your diet. Both healthy and tasty, it's easy to sneak them into a salad and gain all of the fantastic nutrients they offer.


Strawberries contain vitamin C, which helps the immune system, while blueberries can help energize and kickstart your metabolism. Pair these two together for a boost that will kick your ass through the door of the gym.


The lycopene in tomatoes promotes heart health. Of course, a stronger heart means a healthier body and better workouts. Also rich in vitamin C, tomatoes make great additions to any meal in your 6 Pack Bag, whether cooked, dried, or raw.


Dragonfruit has oleic acid, which can reduce cholesterol from your high-protein diet and adds some fatty acids the body cannot produce on its own.


With high amounts of vitamins C, A and E, papaya has been granted superfruit status. These vitamins are perfect for building up your immune system.


Pomegranates are antioxidant rich and can act as an anti-inflammatory to reduce post-workout pains and soreness. Whether you need to recoup after pumping in the gym or want a break during your hectic work day, eating superfruits can completely change the way your body feels. Whether you juice them or throw them on a salad, cut the crap out of your diet and eat proper foods like superfruits that will help you in your quest for a better body. Photo Credit: H. Zell

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