The Top Five Study Snacks For Late-Night Cram Sessions


It's not news that there are foods that effect the brain in a positive fashion, but the idea of study snacks usually involve binge eating piles of chocolates and potato chips until your heart feels satisfied. Don't give into the temptation of eating unhealthy snacks while studying! Check out these healthy study snacks for your college backpacks, as they will leave you feeling light, ready for your next workout and have your mind ready for any upcoming test.


Apple w/ Peanut Butter

Delicious, nutritious and filling, the old apple with peanut butter trick is the perfect study snack that will hold you over until you're next meal. With healthy fats from the peanut butter and a serotonin boost courtesy of your apple, you'll be able to power any cram session, no matter the time of day.


Light Soup

Keeping things light is a great mantra to follow, especially when it comes to your soup intake. Don't bog your body down with heavy, cream-filled soups that are sure to have you drooling on top of your next exam. Stick to soups with fewer ingredients that will provide you with the benefits of veggies and let the heat ease away any discomfort you may be feeling from overstudying.

studysnacks2 Edamame

If you need to pull something out of your college backpack that can be easily popped into your mouth, edamame might be just the right fit for you. Not only are these soybeans low in fat and calories, but they will help you get your daily doses of protein, fiber, iron and folate.


Healthy Sandwich

Sandwiches can lead to the demise of a once great body, but if you pack smartly for a day of studying, the perfect combo can be a great success. What should you include on your study snack sandwich? Go small on the bread, big on the lettuce and use healthy sandwich spreads like bean pesto, garlic and carrot-ginger for taste.



Maybe it's a bit childish to reach for Cheerios in times of need, but these study snacks are a no-mess, healthy option for any cram session. No worry about the library desk! Just pull out your sure-seal container from your college backpack and you'll instantly have a treat that is low in fat with some dietary fiber. Eating study snacks that will help you make the grade, both in the classroom and the gym, can help you power through days when your schedule is completely brutal. No one said it was going to be easy maintaining your body and grades, but with small, simple meals throughout the day, it doesn't have to be as hard as it seems.

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