The Last 5 Fitness Tips You'll Ever Need

Fitness Tips-02 Everyone and their mother has written an article on fitness tips, but not everyone has written the definitive guide on fitness tips. Okay, so maybe I have a flair for the dramatic, but who's to say that these won't be the five life-changing fitness tips that take you from "satisfied" to "superstar"?! Some will be specific, and some will be broad. Some will be common sense, and some will be hard to digest. But just like your meal management system, all will help you reach your goals!

1. Do what you love.

This is one of the common sense ones, but it's harder to do than it sounds. If you have a trainer, you may not be in love with all the exercises (really, no one likes walking lunges), but if you dread going or absolutely hate the plan your online coach has for you (maybe you don't even follow it anymore), then it's time to switch things up. Like hiking? Go do that. Want to try CrossFit? Have at it. Miss your road bike? Then get outside! Any exercise is good exercise, and any exercise you love is great! Getting fit is important, but having something change your mood because you love it is paramount! So switch it up, and have fun!

2. Know what tool is best for you.

People preach all the time that the scale isn't the be-all and end-all measure of your progress, and that's true! But what if you're someone who suffers from body image disorder and can't necessarily trust the mirror? Then what? Maybe the scale is the only objective, easy-to-track gauge of your progress. Then go for it. Heck, use the scale, the mirror, and your pants size. Just make it work for you, and whatever you choose, don't become obsessed with it. You are more important than a number, but that number undeniably helps you track the direction you're going. Fitness Tips-03

3. Walk away from walking on the treadmill.

Hills, sprints, intervals, and HIIT-you've probably heard them referred to a hundred different ways, and there's a reason €¦ they work! If you've heard this before and you're still doing an hour of cardio per day, then please listen: the truth is, if you've been dieting properly and training with weights to preserve muscle, there's no reason to be doing countless hours of low-intensity, steady-state cardio; it's not practical, it's not fun, and it's not as effective. Get out there, move faster, and burn more calories!

4. Track things.

If you're using a GPS to get somewhere, you don't just get street names - you get how many miles/kilometers until your next direction. You get objective, measurable quantities so you know how much further you have to go. So why go blindly into your workouts and meal plan? If you don't know how many sets, exercises, or reps you're going to do, how do you come out of the gym with an effective workout? If you don't have a target number of calories to hit per day, and track them as you go, how do you ever reach your goal of putting on muscle or losing fat? Working out is as much a numbers game as it is intuitive-so go figure out your numbers! Fitness Tips-04

5. Don't be afraid of failure.

This is a two-part tip; don't be afraid to literally "fail" on the gym floor-that's what spotters are for. The weight felt good coming down, but you failed pushing it back up? Awesome! Now you know what to do for next time. Failure leads to growth. Then we have failure in terms of not reaching the goals you set out for last week/month/year. Does this sound like you? That's okay, too! Have you ever heard the expression "Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss, you'll land among the stars"? Friends, if you miss your goals, you'll still be in the stars! Failure got you further than you were last week/month/year. Use these tips along with everything else you've picked up from 6 Pack Fitness to be the best version of you! Own what you do in the gym! Be proud of what you accomplish in the kitchen! Stay healthy and happy, friends!
Setting S.M.A.R.T. GoalsThe last 5 fitness tips you'll ever need are generously provided by Jaime Filer, Online Editor-In-Chief of Muscle Insider, Canada's #1 Muscle Magazine. If you love Jaime's voice as much as we do, read more of her thoughts on workout mistakes, discipline, and even her own fitness transformation. Jaime rocks the Expedition 300 backpack - find your perfect gym backpack, gym tote, or meal management system today.

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