6 Different Must Try Bags for the Gym

6 Different Must Try Bags for the Gym

Being a fitness junkie, the gym is probably your favorite place to be. And you must have invested in the perfect gym gear – the best leggings, the most comfortable gym shorts, and the perfect pair of sneakers.  But there is one thing you forgot to get – a gym bag. A gym bag is an essential accessory that you need. It not only makes carrying things to the gym easier but it is also very trendy. A lot of people usually carry all their things in their purse or use a plastic bag to carry their shoes and other gym gear. But that is neither functional nor permanent. Not to mention all your sweaty post-workout clothes will be next to your phone or running shoes. To avoid that, you need to invest in something that is durable as well as lasting. But which bag should you get? There are so many companies claiming that they have the best gym bags. Not to mention so many types of bags to choose from. The style of bag you choose depends greatly on your workout style, your gym timings, and your way of the commute. If you practice yoga, you will need a bag big enough to fit the yoga matt. On the other hand, if you are going to the gym after work, it is easier to carry one bag with all your essentials instead of two. So, which one is the best for you? Well, don't worry because we have compiled a list of bags that are a must try for all gym goers. These bags will make you the talk of the town, or the gym. You can go for any one of the following gym bags:  

1.      Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags make some of the best gym bags for both men and women. They are a classic when it comes to gym bags. Shoulder bags are sturdy and can take a beating. No matter how harsh the conditions, a shoulder bag can stand tall. There are two ways to carry your shoulder bag – either carry it with its handles or carry it on your shoulders. There are plenty of compartments in a shoulder bag for your gym clothes, water bottle, sneakers, and other necessities. They are spacious enough that you can even take it to work, as shoulder bags have a sleeve for your laptop as well.

2.      Backpacks

If you are the sporty kind, a backpack will be the best choice for you. Not only is it posh but also very easy to carry. The best part about backpacks is their size. You can buy any size that suits your needs. You can even take it to work or school and it will fit all your things, including your laptop. Backpacks are durable as well as trendy. They make sure that all your things are organized and in separate compartments. You don't have to take all your things out to look for the pair of headphones; you will know which compartment you put them in. there is also a separate compartment for your gym shoes, that means that your clothes will not get dirty. That is the beauty of backpacks. If you are going for yoga, you won't have to carry your yoga mat in your hands if you have a backpack. You can just adjust it inside. There is also a separate compartment for your water bottle. A backpack is a great option for you if you ride a bike to the gym. It is easy to carry and it will fit your helmet inside when you are working out. Also, there are waterproof backpacks as well that means you can even take it out in the rain and none of your things will get soaked. Backpacks are great for both men and women. There are plenty of colors available as well. You can choose the classic black or a cute gym bag with a funky color, the choice is yours. Backpacks are comfortable and sturdy. If you like to travel with all your things, a backpack is the perfect gym bag for you.

3.      Duffels

Duffel bags are famous for being everyone's go-to gym bag. It is not only easy to carry but also gives you the classic gym-feels. And while it may not look that spacious on the outside, it is very roomy on the inside. There is a place for all of your gym gear, and then some in duffle bags. It has space for everything – your water bottle, your pair of sneakers, an extra pair of clothes, and even your daily fitness journal.  And you don't have to cram it all together inside either, there are different compartments. Rejoice, because your sweaty clothes will not be next to your water bottle. And the best part is that there are plenty of colors available. You can choose your favorite color matching your personality. And if you buy a funky color, you will not have to worry about it getting mixed up someone else's bag at the gym. Also, you can get a waterproof duffle bag as well that will make sure all your things –especially your phone – don't get drenched if you are caught in the rain. Another good thing about duffle bags is that they can easily fit inside the gym locker. And it is multipurpose. You can use it for traveling as well when you are going for a weekend getaway with your loved one. Duffle bags are one of the most common gym bags for men. This low-key carry on will be sturdy and stay with you for a long time.

4.      Brief Cases and Messenger Bags

If you go to the gym right after work, it is hard to carry a duffle bag or a backpack with your gym things and a briefcase with your work things. You need something that is fit for both work and gym. Did you know that you can use your messenger bag or briefcase as your gym bag as well? Yes, there are gym bags available that don't really look like a gym bag, but a briefcase. There are also that are two-in-one – you can transition your briefcase into a massager bag. And they are pretty spacious too. They can fit all your workout gear, your work things, and also your laptop. No more taking the bus or subway home now after work to change into your workout gear. You will have all your things in one stylish and spacious bag. Briefcases and messenger bags make the best gym bags for men.  

5.      Women's Purses and Tots

It's a general rule of life – women carry more stuff in their bags than men. And to make sure all their eggs – makeup, perfume, and hairbrush – are in the same basket, they need a bigger bag. Even though bigger bags have more space in them, they are also heavier. But that won't be a problem now, because tote bags are gaining hype as gym bags. We know what you want to say – aren't tote bags for grocery shopping? The answer is no. Tote bags have multiple purposes, and our favorite one is using it as a gym bag. Tote bags are not only chic but also airy and light. And we have not even told you the best part, ladies. You can buy these totes in different colors. Wanta hot pink tote go perfectly with your new gym shoes? Another gym bag that is also very common among women are, wait for it, your purses! And no, we are not talking about those little clutches, but trendy handbags. Not only will it look gorgeous but will also serve the purpose as the gym bag. And the multiple compartments allow you to keep as many things as you like. No more carrying your yoga matt over your shoulders, ladies!

6.      Athletic Gym Bags

For all you athletic sporty people out there, we have not forgotten you. Getting a nice and simple gym bag is easy. But a gym bag that fits the standard and level of athletic gym goers can be very demanding. Athletes push themselves harder, and that is why they need more things in their gym bags. And to be the best, you need to have the best gym bag. You need a gym bag that is versatile enough to carry all your gym things as well as your other gear. What if your football helmet didn't fit in the duffle or tote bag? Well, don't worry, because there is a special range of bags just for you athletes. It can carry your entire weight and still look trendy. And since athletes don't just train inside the gym, but also outside, you can get waterproof bags as well to make sure all your things are safe from the snow and rain. Not quite a duffel bag and not quite a backpack, Nike's Vapor Max Air Duffel Bag offers a wealth of internal space, multiple carry style options, and enough organization to satisfy even the most particular gym-goers. And while its format is certainly a worthwhile highlight, it doesn't hurt that this men's gym bag also features a water-resistant exterior coating. So, whether you're doing running drills on the beach or just dodging the rain to get to your spin class, this bag is an excellent option. Now that you know the different types of gym bags; you can buy the one that best suits your needs. You can even buy a few of them and mix and match them with the outfit you are wearing. Why go with the same old and boring gym bag when you can have a different one that matches your style? And we know the perfect place for you to get your new gym bag as well – Six Pack Fitness. Not only do we have the top range of bags, they are also very cheap and economical. You can buy several without going out of your monthly budget. Gym bags tend to take a lot of beating. They are usually thrown around in the trunk of your car or in the gym. You also have fit them in the tiny locker in the gym. You need a bag that can take all the beating and survive. You can't buy a new gym bag after every few weeks because the old one couldn't take the pressure. What if you are running to get to the gym and your gym bag tore? That will not only be embarrassing but also irritating. That is why you need a bag that can take the strain and not give up on you. You need a gym bag that is sturdy, and we make sure that your gym bag stays with you for a long time. Our bags are of top quality and will provide you with the best results. There are plenty of different designs available that will give you a wide range to select your favorites. So what are you waiting for? Visit our website and shop away!  

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