6 Pack Tricks To Live Life Fit: Trick #5 Hit The Hay To Scare Away Extra Weight

6pack bags07 6 Pack Fitness has partnered with fitlosophy to bring you 6 PACK TRICKS to live life fit from the creator of the fitbook„¢, Angela Manzanares. Get Trick #5 to sleep your way slim! Do the words "zombie" or "walking dead" describe you every single morning? Should you have caution tape wrapped around you until you've had your first cup of coffee? If you said, "Yes!" I can relate. That is until recently. I already knew the health benefits of sleep (more energy, muscle recovery, yada yada yada), but after learning that getting less than four hours of sleep per night was as bad for my bod as smoking a cig, I decided to dig deeper. "I don't need sleep, i run on pure-octane coffee!" - Me If you agree with this statement, read on for three reasons to hit the hay. whether you're looking to scare away extra weight or looking to keep that hard-earned muscle mass. I've got six proven ways to log more z's. Head over to my blog and find out now how you can rest up and avoid being a zombie. Then, enter the 6 PACK TRICKS To Live Life Fit giveaway, featuring a 6 Pack Bag and fittools by fitlosophy ($140 value). All you have to do is head over to Facebook to LIKE both fitbook by fitlosophy and 6 Pack Fitness! Then, SHARE the giveaway image from the Facebook post with your friends. Comment on the post by post by Wednesday, October 30th 11:59PM PDT and TELL US your #1 trick to scare away those un-wanted holiday pounds?
Be sure to visit our blog daily to get one trick per day and bonus entry opportunities! Stay tuned for more ways to enter during the week! Two lucky winners will be selected and announced on Halloween. Good luck!

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