The Basics of CrossFit

basics of crossfit-02 Trying to bust out and create a bold new body? There has been a major swing in fitness freaks trying their hand at CrossFit to get big. Created by Greg Glassman, CrossFit is a global strength and conditioning program that has been taken on by over 6,000 gyms around the world. These routines are designed for those of any age or experience, but don't take these workouts lightly. They will kick your ass. Remember, big results require a big commitment. If you think you're ready, read on to find out more about the basics of CrossFit.

Customized, Not Specialized

Although CrossFit is used by champion martial artists, police academies, firefighters and military special operations units, the basics of CrossFit can be applied to anyone. The same routines are applied to each individual workout. The only varying factors are the load and intensity.

Not Your Average Workout

Workouts happen daily, but there is a tremendous amount of change-up in activities from day-to-day. A combination of cardiovascular and respiratory endurance exercises make up the basics of CrossFit workouts. Whether it's running, gymnastics or learning Olympic weightlifting techniques, every CrossFit workout presents a new and exciting challenge.

You Are Not Alone

Each CrossFit workout consists of personalized group training sessions held at affiliate gyms with qualified coaches. Their job is to beat you down and push you to put in the maximum effort. Whether you're a professional athlete or someone just beginning their body transformation, these coaches will continue to motivate you so that you can achieve your personal goals. Wanna quit? They won't let you. GET UP!

Special Programs

Although many find that the basics of CrossFit are enough, there are specialty seminars and programs available to those who want to kick even more ass. Gymnastics, rowing and powerlifting are just a few of the specialty seminars offered to CrossFitters. In addition, there are also programs designed for specific demographics (EX: children, seniors and military members) like CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Football. Are you the type of person who needs some not-so-friendly encouragement to get motivated? Learning the basics of CrossFit is a great option for those who need inspiration to take their workouts to the next level. When utilized along with your meal management system, CrossFit will beat you into shape and you will be on your way to a well-defined, perfectly sculpted body.  

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