Flip The Switch To Beast Mode

Want the ability to flip the switch in the gym from lame to BEAST? Going big and going beast revolves around eating healthy, and 6 Pack Fitness provides the solid foundation for this with our DURUS meal management system. The traditional three-meals-a-day might be OK for an average person, but why settle for average? That's why 6 Pack Fitness created the DURUS, capable of carrying your dissertation writers supplements, snacks and mulitple meals wherever you go during your day. The foods you need to give you the fuel to make you a rabid animal in the gym. The Base of Beast Mode
  • Pre-packed mini-meals consisting of protein, veggies and fiber will sustain and keep you going over the course of a day. (Think of a fully loaded DURUS as the most epic six meal lunch box. Ever.)
  • "Eating right means you are able to delay fatigue; it can allow you to push harder and recover faster," according to theAcademyofNutritionand Dietetics.
  • No fatigue? Faster recovery? Welcome to the beast.
Planning to Power Up
  • Divide your daily-allotted calories amongst six meals.
  • TheAcademyofNutritionand Dietetics also states, "Good nutrition supports strength building. A calorie-controlled meal plan of five to six small meals per day fuels muscle growth."
  • Taking the time to create your own meals to pack in a multi meal cooler will ensure you are aware of all the ingredients going into what you eat, allowing you to control just how healthy your diet is.
When it comes to crushing it in the gym, the fastest way to accelerate your forward momentum is to create a six meal diet plan. Planning is made easy with our DURUS meal management system. Get on your game and make your meals ahead of time, take them with you to the gym in your multi meal cooler and leave a trail of destroyed gym equipment in your wake. Gym status: Demolished.

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