5 Fun Best Friend Workouts To Strengthen Your Body and Bond

Best-Friend-Workouts-05 Teamwork makes the dream work and if the dream is to get active, best friend workouts are the way to do it! Here at 6 Pack, we know the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Once you bring a friend along, incorporating workouts to your weekly routine can become some of your most anticipated activities. Keep things fun, fresh, and adventurous as your dynamic duo takes fitness head on with these best friend workouts.

1. Rock Climbing

If you're looking for the ultimate BFF test in your best friend workouts, head to your nearest climbing gym. This exhilarating sport takes two: one person will climb, and the other will belay the ropes, meaning the belayer is attached to the climber throughout their route and gives them more rope as the climber moves up. The belayer is then responsible for slowly lowering the climber down from the top after the climb and making sure they don't free-fall down. This is for the BFFs who quite literally would trust each other with their lives! Make sure to take a beginner's class from a professional climber before your first try to learn how to safely belay. Best-Friend-Workouts-01  

2. Bike Riding

Whether you're exploring the local bike trails or taking a detour to the neighborhood Starbucks, cycling with a friend is a classic way to have fun while getting your cardio in. This activity is the perfect balance for partners because you can still get into conversation while burning those calories. If you're in the mood to upgrade to a bicycle built for two – rent out a tandem bike from your local shop! It's one of those things that many people have always wanted to try but never have€¦ what better time is there than now?

3. Partner Yoga

The word "yoga" means union in Sanskrit, and once you dive into partner yoga, you'll soon find that this is exactly what you and your workout partner will have. This exercise focuses on trust, support, and communication. Plus, you'll share plenty of laughs along the way trying to figure out all of the pretzel-like moves. The practice of yoga will promote self-awareness and allow you to relax, while also creating a deeper level to your friendship. Want to take it to the next level? Once you both have advanced in traditional yoga practice, try your hand at an acro-yoga class. In this mix of yoga and acrobatics, one person acts as a "base" while the other is the "flyer." The two work together as a team to propel each other into crowd-wowing positions that are fit for the Cirque de Soleil. For a stylishly simple way to bring your yoga mat with you everywhere you go, check out the Asana Yoga Tote – if your best friend has a birthday coming up, we have just the thing! Best-Friend-Workouts-03

4. Racquet Sports

Tennis, badminton, or squash, it doesn't matter the type of racquet sport you do as long as you're getting active with your bestie. These options only need two players in order to get the match started. Our favorite spot to play this sport is at the beach – feel the sun on your face and the sand between your toes as you increase muscle tone, strength, and flexibility.

5. Kayaking

Heading out into the water is safer and just more entertaining with a friend. These canoe-like, low to the water boats are pretty versatile, making them a great vessel choice when it comes to best friend workouts. You can choose to wade around and take in the sights, or keep a constant paddle to get that heart pumping. Kayaking improves cardiovascular fitness, increases muscle strength, and tones your torso and legs. Don't have a kayak? No problem. Search for local rental sites in your area. Most renters also offer classes! Best-Friend-Workouts-04 Taking part in best friend workouts means you always have each others' backs – which includes making sure you both are properly fueled with nutrition to kick athletic ass! After all, friends don't let friends go hungry. Pack meals to-go in your original meal management bags to keep you both full all day long.

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