How to Handle Your Busy Life With Dr. Mike Kim

Busy-Life-MK-Header1 I am not your typical physician. I wear many different hats throughout the day; I'm an anesthesiologist, an entrepreneur, a consultant, a trainer, a nutritionist, a husband, and, as of two months ago, a father. After a long day at work, managing sick patients and juggling phone calls and emails for my side business, I am always torn at the end of my workday at the hospital. Should I go to the gym? Should I go hit some golf balls? Or should I go home to see my wife and son? The conflict is there not because I care more about my hobby or my physique than my family. I am torn because I know how important it is to maintain a healthy body and mind in order to be the best husband and father I can be.

A Glimpse Into My Crazy Day

It's definitely hard to have a rigid set routine with my work schedule. I do not have a Monday to Friday 9-5 job. Most days, I go in at 6am and don't get out until 5pm. If I am lucky, I can get out earlier, around 2 or 3pm. Other times, I am "on call" for various different shifts: some 16 hours overnight and some 24 hours. Some wonder how I can manage to go to the gym to work out after a 24-hour call. The nice thing about my hospital job is that there are periods of down time. I take advantage of these moments to rest, recharge, or wear some of my other hats and close on deals for my side business. I am constantly on the phone, much to my wife's dismay, at work and at home, managing deals and fielding phone calls. Busy-Life-MK01


In the midst of my unpredictable busy days, I find the time to go to the gym to work out or to the golf course to hit some golf balls to de-stress. How do I do it? I would ask you, how do you fit anything into your day? Having a non-routine schedule like mine, I cannot always shower at the same time everyday, but do I shower regularly? Yes. It's because I prioritize hygiene, and when I prioritize something, I find the time to fit it into my busy schedule.

Steps to Staying Healthy With Your Busy Schedule

So, how do you do it? There's no easy way out. – First, you just have to prioritize health maintenance as high as – if not higher than – the other things that you do religiously, like taking a shower, getting that cup of coffee in the morning, or even checking Facebook. Once you develop the urgency to fit working out into your life, it will naturally permeate into your schedule. – Next, you need to commit to a fitness regimen. As is with anything, you cannot move forward without establishing goals. Once you commit to the actual regimen with a goal in mind, go to the gym with a plan. The plan can be a timed plan, a rep-based plan, a workout style plan, etc. Whatever you do, outline a plan and stick to it. A goal-orientated training plan really helps point you in the right direction. Go out, turn off your social media and text notifications, and get moving towards your goal. Don't let the distraction of social media and whatever else you do on your smartphones steer you off the path toward your goal. Map out each day and stick to it; this may take some time, especially if you're not used to this. Busy-Life-MK02 – Finally, do not get so easily discouraged. Life will throw unexpected things at you, or you will just be really tired one day. Allow yourself to ad lib, especially when other important life matters come into play. You may lose a day or more, but you can pick right back up and refocus your vision on the goal. Remember, if you stick to a plan most of the days, you will eventually achieve your goals. Keep your eye on the prize, and you will see a fruitful new year. One thing that cannot be overstated is the importance of nutrition in order to not only fuel the workout you made time for, but also to properly take care of your body post-workout. Enter 6 Pack Bags, the original meal management bags, which assure that no matter where your busy life takes you, the nutrition your body needs is always at your side. Mike Kim PhotoThis guest piece has been brought to us by physician Dr. Mike Kim. Dr. Kim's passion for optimizing athletic performance with science-based sports nutrition has led to numerous sports arenas. Over the years, he has worked with many athletes in the NBA, UFC, MLB, NFL, and extreme sports. However, his main passion continues to be to enable the everyday person to maximize their potential by healthy eating and goal-directed training. Dr. Kim served as an Executive Director of Medicine and Research & Education at the supplement company MusclePharm Corp. from 2011-2016, has received a B.A. in Economics from University of California-Davis, and a Doctorate of Osteopathy from Touro University for his medical education. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter. For more from Dr. Kim, check out his website, is a premier online community for athletes. Whether you are a high school athlete or a competitive professional athlete, AthletesRx is your go-to online resource. We are a group of professionals in various sports fields, including but not limited to athletes and coaches at collegiate and Olympic level, fitness trainers, and doctors with extensive expertise working directly with athletes. We strive to be the ultimate go-to site for the everyday athlete – amateurs and professionals alike – to access all the help and support necessary to maximize their potential. AthletesRx is a community built by experts, based on practical and evidence-based approach. Our team of experts has played at the highest level and has trained those athletes on the highest level. Let our team help you unleash the athlete within. Follow along on Twitter and Facebook! #athletesrx #theathletesdoc #unleashtheathletewithin

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