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Crossfit MOB & 6 Pack

When Richard Salazar, a police officer in Westminster Colorado, asked us to donate 6 Pack Bags for his upcoming Battle of the Badges event, we jumped at the chance to be a part of the festivities! Raising over 4,000 dollars last year, the Battle of the Badges will be hosted by Crossfit MOB, and all of the money raised will go straight to the Jessica Ridgeway and the Fights for Fallen Families foundations!

Crossfit MOB & 6 Pack

On October 5, 2012, Salazar was assigned to a dispatch that would change his life and his career forever. Ten year old Jessica Ridgeway had gone missing, and it was up to Salazar's team to find her.

It took Salazar 16 hours on the case to realize that this was not going to wrap up like the other missing children cases he had been assigned to. He searched tirelessly, before coming to the realization that she had been kidnapped.

Salazar followed protocol, issued an amber alert, and continued the hunt for the missing ten year old. They were able to retrieve her backpack, but there was still no sign of Jessica until "a local trash man located a torso. It was determined that this was in fact Jessica."

It took Salazar and his team two weeks to find and arrest Jessica's 17 year old murderer, who had been stashing pieces of her body inside of his house.

Impacted greatly by this tragic case, Salazar has remained close to Jessica's family, and helps them raise money for the Jessica Ridgeway foundation. The foundation runs a cheer camp at the Westminster Parks and Rec Center every summer, and donates school supplies and Christmas presents to underprivileged kids.

Crossfit MOB & 6 Pack

All of the money raised by Battle of the Badges will go directly to the Jessica Ridgeway and the Fights for Fallen Families foundations.

Crossfit MOB & 6 Pack

Check out Crossfit MOB and Battle of the Badges online for more information about participating!

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