Dynamic Flexibility: Learn It, Love It

Dynamic-Flexibility03 Fitness enthusiasts everywhere know the importance of stretching and flexibility for injury prevention and proper exercise – but did you know there are two types of flexibility? Static and dynamic flexibility differ in their use of movement. Static flexibility refers to a person's absolute range of motion without movement, while dynamic flexibility refers to a person's absolute range of motion that can be achieved with movement. In order to increase your dynamic flexibility, you should begin with dynamic stretching.

Dynamic Flexibility: Learn It

Dynamic flexibility begins with stretching. The greater your stretches, the greater your movements will be. However, this kind of stretching requires special attention and careful movement. You should use controlled leg- and arm-swinging movements that carefully and gently take you to the limits of your range of motion. Avoid bouncy or jerky movements, as those can have the opposite effect on your goals if you become injured. Your dynamic flexibility will increase as the force of the swing of your stretches does. At no point should you feel like you're pushing your joints or body past its limits. Dynamic flexibility is increased through purposeful movements, not quick, harsh ones. Dynamic-Flexibility02

Dynamic Flexibility: Love It

If you're not sure if increasing your dynamic flexibility is for you, consider a few benefits: – Athletes who use dynamic stretching see an increase in dynamic flexibility and a decrease in injuries. – Increasing dynamic flexibility can help strengthen your muscles, prevent tendon injuries, and improve balance. It may even help strengthen your core and lead to improved posture. – The slow, purposeful movements that increase dynamic flexibility can also help reduce stress. They give your mind something else to focus on while simultaneously helping your body relax and release tension. If you're looking to increase your range of motion and possibly reap additional benefits such as stress reduction and injury prevention, mastering dynamic flexibility and stretching is a must. Get started today and you'll be on your way to a healthier workout routine! Don't forget to keep the day's fuel in healthy meals by your side in one of our original meal management bags, and make sure to check out our newest, limited edition style: the Nicole Wilkins-designed Innovator Mini!

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