New Elite Collection Makes Designer Meal Mangement A Reality

mealmanagementsystem If meal management is a part of your everyday life and you wear your 6 Pack Bag like a badge of honor then our Elite Collection is just for you. With refined style that will fit the biggest business meetings and easily transition to nights out on the town, the bags that make up our latest collection are perfect for anyone who is trying to be classy on-the-go.

mealmanagementsystem1 mealmanagementsystem2Vixen Elite Bowler

Stunning and sleek for the most stylish ladies, the Vixen Elite Bowler is an essential bag that is capable of carrying both your meals and needs for a night out. Want to stash your phone, wallet and keys in a safe place? Need it to also hold two 6 Pack Bag meal containers? Never go hungry or unorganized ever again with the Vixen bag.

mealmanagementsystem3 mealmanagementsystem4Victoria Elite Tote

If you think being unfashionable is a crime, then the Victoria Elite Tote was created just for you. The perfect meeting point between form and function, this tote has designer looks that will blow passersby away. 6 Pack didn't forget about making this stylish bag a meal management system though. It comes packed with four snap seal containers that fit comfortably into this leather and suede beauty.

mealmanagementsystem5 mealmanagementsystem6Executive 300 Briefcase

An important job requires a bag that will keep up with every single one of your work-a-day duties. Don't be left empty handed on the job ever again as the Executive 300 Briefcase will keep you fed and ready to hit the gym after work. All the while you'll be able to store your laptop, tablet and other precious work gear deep inside the fleece lined bag and be worry-free.

mealmanagementsystem7 mealmanagementsystem8Voyager Backpack

If you ever thought you had the right backpack before, you'd be dead wrong. The Voyager Backpack is the only bag that can take the punishment and pain doled out by working athletes. With space for six meal containers, the Voyager can carry tons of food and has expandable bottom portion that allows you to put all of your sweaty workout wear in a separate compartment.

Check out all three collections of our latest bags, the Expert, Prodigy and Elite, and discover the next step in meal management. From sporty to stylish, one of our new 6 Pack Bags is perfect just for your way of life.


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