Female Fitness Models and IFBB Pros Take On Travel and Meal Prep

MealPrep The dawn of a new day means another to chance to power yourself through an explosive gym session. What's the fuel? The art of proper meal prep will always propel you. Find out how your favorite female fitness models and IFBB pros travel fit courtesy of these interviews from 2013 Arnold Classic 2013. To keep pumping in the gym like Oksana Grishina does, you better be killing it when it comes to your meal prep days. The Russian IFBB pro tells us what nutrition means to her and how she utilizes her 6 Pack Bag each and every day. Brazillian IFBB competitor Larissa Reis also works as a nutritional consultant when she isn't competing. "Nutrition has to be your lifestyle," Reis says. "It has to be with you 24 hours [a day]." "For me, the transition between fitness and figure, nutrition has played a big part in my change," says IFBB Figure pro Camala Rodriguez. As a veteran of several Arnold Classics, Rodriguez has her meal prep down tight and it has helped to ease her move to a different body class in the competitive world. Ingrid Romero preaches one idea, "Healthy mind, healthy body." As the leader of Team Edge, the nutrition coach encourages people to find the healthy food that works for them and work with a committed team to keep pushing their meal prep forward. Adela Garcia, the reigning Ms. IFBB Fitness Olympia, relies on meal prep to keep her going through her strenuous contest schedule. "It's really important when you come to these figure shows - You have to bring all your meals." When it comes to IFBB lore, there may never be a more decorated competitor than Iris Kyle. "A lot of people think athletes only diet for contests," Kyle says. The reality couldn't be more different. Find out how Iris uses a meal management system to keep her meal prep in check. Rita Catolino may wear many hats, but she only uses one meal management system. As a fitness competitor, the face of Oxygen Magazine and a professional model, Catolino sticks to her diet during her fast paced schedule thanks to 6 Pack Bags. Keeping your body tight means kicking bad habits to the curb. Use a meal management system to plan out your meal prep process, and you'll be able to build the body that others dream about.

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