How You Can Start to FIT Into Your Six Pack


The journey to being healthier, stronger, or whatever your version of FIT is a lifelong, unique experience for every individual, whether getting a Six Pack (abs, bags, or both) is one of your specific goals or not!

This post is jam packed with ways to help YOU start to FIT into your Six Pack, as well as a Hashtag Contest to win a FREE Renee Tote or Six Pack gym backpack below!

Five Tips to Get You Started, Grocery List, Habit Survey, Simple Meal Plan, Meal Prep Basics, Guidance on the Go, Deals & More Below!

In powerfully setting yourself and/or your family up to go to the next level in your health, whether you are a professional working a 9-5, an entrepreneur, a competitor, or want to compete, your refrigerator, pantry, grocery list, setting up for success are essential!

Five Tips to Get You Started

1. Clean Out Your Refrigerator & Pantry.

Eliminate items that don't match up to your goals, or cut down buying them. On my path to losing over 45 lbs. and keeping it off, this was one of the things I did.

2. Watch What's in Your Cart.

You are in control of your choices! Depending on how quickly you want to reach your goals, or how much you are willing to sacrifice, limit the items you purchase that don't align with your goals. Click here or on the image below for a grocery list you can use in your shopping plans!


3. Handle Habits.

Be honest with yourself. If you are eating out five times a week, you are setting yourself up for failure if you decide to go cold turkey. I had many habits and it took awhile before I lost and kept 40 lbs off! Cut down gradually. The Habit Identifier Survey will help you isolate your areas. Start small and win continuously! Before you know it, you will see success!

4. Equip Yourself.

Plan Ahead. What tools do you need for meal prep? What will you buy at the store? How will you get work outs in? I use Class Pass for massive variety nationwide! Consider what works best for you! Six Pack Bags were key for me in losing weight and and I know they may help you too!

Simply direct your focus to success! Click here or on the image below to get a simple meal plan to help you get and stay organized.

Meal Plan Button

5. Celebrate Success.

Every single step you take in the journey MATTERS. Write down daily what you did really well. I promise your success will increase if you do this. I do this every day with everything in my life.Since I implemented this one habit, it is amazing what has happened to and in my life!

Never Give Up on YOU!

Five-Tips2Five Meal Prep Basics

1) Plan for protein every meal. 2) Buy 3 sources of protein and 2 sources of fat. 3) Get creative! Mix it up with casseroles and other recipes! 4) Get friends involved for accountability and results! 5) Be prepared for the week and/or travel!

Get even more meal prep tips in our collection of How to Meal Prep guides, including Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free, and many more!

Guidance on the Go

1) Travel with food & supplements. 2) Freeze food & gel packs the night before. 3) Store items like peanut butter in small containers. 4) Freeze egg whites. 5) Research healthier eateries! Meal Prep

Hashtag Contest

You can win a FREE Renee Tote or Six Pack Gym Backpack!

Details: Show us how you create FIT. Be creative! It could be working out, inspiring others, meal prep, or a combination! 1) Tag: Six Pack Bags (@6packbags) 2) Tag: Fit Life Creation (@fitlifecreation) 3) Tag: 5 Friends 3) Hashtag: #6packcreatemyfit 4) Post Daily to increase chances. 5) Added Entries: If you purchase Unlimited Fitness, Fitness Model Photo Shoot Challenge, or Travel With Us to Costa Rica in May, you will get an entry for each item! See more details at bottom of post!Note: Each of these deals include options with Six Pack Bags too!

The contest runs December 11, 2015 - January 31, 2016.

More Ways to Start to FIT into Your Six Pack and Get Additional Contest Entries


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