5 Foods You Should Not Eat: Common Myths

Foods-You-Should-Not-Eat-02Not all the foods you should not eat are so easy to spot. Sure, it's simple to understand that cake + ice cream = not good, but some foods are more sneaky. Even worse, many companies out there are trying to jump in on the health food trend and trick you into buying their stuff. We've put together a list of foods that act like they're healthy, but are really just looking to leave you with a fat gut and an empty wallet.

Myth: Bran Muffins Are Better Than Sugary Breakfast Treats



It's a rather sinister trap, going for that bran muffin because it just looks healthier than a sugary, frosted doughnut. With a name like bran, who wouldn't think it was healthy? The truth is, a lot of commercially sold bran muffins can have just as many, if not more, calories than your typical glazed donut, thanks to all the sugary additives. It's best to pass along on all these treats altogether, and stick with something like our recipe for a homemade breakfast sandwich.

Myth: Anything Fat Free Is Good For You



I might be stating the obvious with this one, but this trend is so stupid it can't be pointed out enough. Things that advertise themselves as low in fat are NOT guaranteed to be healthy for you. In fact, they tend to be just as bad for your meal management system as their fatty alternatives. Remember, it's not fat that makes you fat, it's sugar. Most of the foods you should not eat like to draw in gullible people with buzzwords like that; don't ruin your hard work by falling for it.

Myth: Dried Fruits Are Easy To Pack With The Same Nutrition



In order to preserve most dried fruits, a good chunk of sugar is added in. So you're basically getting more sugar and less food than you would with regular fresh fruit. At that point, it's best just to make room in your bodybuilding meal bag for that extra banana or apple.

Myth: Frozen Yogurt Is A Healthy Alternative To Ice Cream



While most frozen yogurt will beat out ice cream in the saturated fats department, the level of simple sugars and calories are almost identical for these foods. You should not eat anything with fruit flavoring, artificial or otherwise, as they tend to have lots of artificial sweeteners. If you really need to have yourself a frozen treat, go for plain frozen Greek yogurt instead.

Myth: All Soy Milk Is Fine For Your Diet



While soy milk is a sweet source of protein and potassium, the flavored varieties of the stuff add a lot of sugar. Even vanilla, the blandest of all flavors, makes the list of foods you should not eat since it will screw you over with more grams than you might be expecting from your milk. Instead, make sure you're sticking to unflavored soy milk if you decide to include it in your meal management system. You've probably caught onto this by now, but the best way to spot foods you should not eat is by looking at the nutritional facts. It sometimes takes a bit of research to find out which specific item is best for your body, but doing so will allow you to reach your body's maximum potential. As a good general rule, just avoid any food that tries to advertise itself as healthy. Good health foods rarely need to show off.

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