The Best Glute Workouts

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While it's important to keep an eye on tone and working out every part of the body, sometimes you need to focus on certain areas more than others. Getting the best glute workouts can be especially important when it comes to showing off all the hard work you've been putting into your dream body. To help give you the best ass you can have, we've put together a list of workouts that really help tighten and firm your lower half.

Bottom Half-Squats

Brass tacks - Almost any sort of squat is great for tightening the glutes. They focus the most energy in that region, and give almost all of the muscles there a good workout. However, one of the best glute workouts are half-squats, bottom half that is. The intensity of a squat increases dramatically the lower you go, so a squat that only uses the bottom half of the motion gives the most intense workout. You can combine this exercise with a pair of weights for an even more intense workout, or even a barbell for extreme glute training.

Reverse Lunges

Lunges are the next best way to target the glutes, acting as sort of individual leg squats. There are several variations on the workout, including stationary, walking, and diagonal lunges, but reverse lunging is probably the best way to work the glutes out of all of them. Combined with a pair of weights, or a barbell if you have great balance, these lunges will help you tone and firm up in no time.

Leg Press

The beautiful part of the leg press is that a good deal of the force used to lift the weights comes from the glutes and upper legs, giving you almost as good a workout as squats would. Leg presses have the added benefit of also working out your calves, allowing you to sculpt and tone your entire leg. For added glute working power, try doing one legged lifts instead.

Step Ups

A great workout to try if you have a bench or a sturdy box of the right size available; you'll want something that's a little below knee level, so one to two feet is a good idea. To get the best out of these workouts, fully extend the leg that's placing weight on the box, or bench, at the end of the rise, while rising the other foot up behind you. This will give your glutes some extra added tightening and help firm things up back there even faster. It's good to throw an extra workout into your best glute workouts regimen just to keep things nice and diverse. You get less out of your effort if your muscles get too comfortable with the stress you put them under. Between doing these exercises, keeping up your intensity in the gym and maintaining your diet with a meal management system, you'll be on your way to tighter butt in no time.

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