Leah Berti's Guide To A Good Workout Schedule: Finding The Balance

good workout schedule-02 Leah Berti, IFBB Pro and 6 Pack Ambassador, returns with another guest post on how to maintain a good workout schedule. In this modern era where everyone is constantly on the go, finding the time to stay fit is too important not to be carefully considered. Get Leah's expert advice and start conquering all your fitness goals. These days, we are often all so busy and seem to be always on the go that finding the right balance for a good workout schedule can be a challenge. Multi-tasking between friends, family, chores, engagements, assignments, and virtually every other type of life's calling has become the rule, not the exception. As for me, well, take the normal busy load, multiply by 10, add the square root of infinity, and that just about accounts for my day. But when you have a good workout schedule, you can control the balance of the rest of your day in order to make the most out of each moment. My typical day looks something like this:
04:00 Rise and shine! 04:30 Ride my bicycle to the gym for my first slice of cardio. 05:30 Time to be a productive member of society as a city police officer. 6 Pack gym tote in hand, loaded with my daily fuel, get to work, and serve my community for 10 hours. 14:00 Grab my prepared grilled chicken and veggies from the safety of my meal management system and head into the gym for a light workout. 18:00 Finish my workday and change back into my gym attire, grab my gym tote and a snack as I head either back to the gym for a hardcore workout or a sweaty yoga session. 19:30 Time to get home to prepare dinner and load my handy gym tote with my meals for the next day's demands! 20:30 Think about putting my feet up, but there's still lots to do when you are a professional athlete, coach and mentor. For the next hour or so, it's time to follow up on client communications, create workout schedules and nutrition itineraries, connect with clients directly work on my own posing. 22:30 Finally time to start winding down and crawl into bed.
Shower, rinse, repeat! good workout schedule-03 The in-betweens are those critical moments where I make the best use of the time allotted in the day. I take the stairs in my condo every chance I get. If it's not a dire emergency, I take the stairs, walk, or bicycle as much as I can to and from work! During meal prep time, I prepare and portion out my meals not for just that day and evening but for 2 days in advance. My 6 Pack gym tote and all the accessories allow me to confidently and safely store my food products and stow them in my gym bag on the day they will be used. I also utilize a fitness band, the Fitbit, that measures my activity level, sleep quality, and distances covered to find out how this best compliments my overall cardio goals.

I encourage everyone to treat themselves as their own best client.

good workout schedule-04

1. Set Up Fitness Meetings

Part of the way you can maintain a good workout schedule is to try and set up important meetings for fitness in your daily schedule. You would not miss an important work client or meeting, so why should you miss a fitness meeting?

2. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Be diligent with preparing ahead. Health and fitness should be considered a priority. As I always say, you only have one body, so treat it like you would an expensive car or jewelry. Carve out a good workout schedule in advance of the week so you know what to expect, and use your 6 Pack gym backpack, gym tote, or duffel bag to stock your daily meals and snacks like apples or carrots. Always make sure to bring water with you so you stay hydrated.

3. Use Your Surroundings

Get a fitness band that will monitor and track your personal level of activity at work, home or play. Use the stairs at work for 5 floors going down and two floors going up.

4. Stay Informed

Don't be afraid to read up on and use supplements! Apart from everyone's favorites, Red Bull and coffee, there are supplements you can use that will help to boost and maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

5. Set Short-Term Goals

Short-term goal setting is absolutely key. I am constantly setting mini checkpoints and goals for myself: daily, weekly, and monthly. This allows me to keep a strong mindset and focus as well as celebrate the little achievements and overcome obstacles I encounter along the way to my larger goals. Setting attainable, realistic short-term goals creates confidence and focus. Breaking down any barriers and obstacles by short-term goal setting makes the larger goals far more achievable and less daunting.

6. Work Out With Friends & Family

You might be wondering, "But when will I see my significant other and family?!?" Well, you can start by including them in your fit activities. You can use pedometers to track your steps as a way to challenge and motivate each other to use the stairs, walk, cycle, or just remain active at work or school. Invite the partner and kids to the gym, as most gyms these days appeal to all activities and there is virtually something for everyone's tastes or needs, even kids! Food preparation as a team is not only great for cutting time but encourages proper eating and nutritional habits for the whole family. The foundation for a healthy future can start here with knowledge on portion size, reading the labels, learning to use a scale, and understanding how carbs, proteins and fats break down in calorie counts. good workout schedule-05 If you plan smart, you will be fit-smart. Using the proper tools, like a 6 Pack gym backpack or duffel bag, fitness bands, or other fitness tools will make you lead the pack and help you travel fit. Give your body a boost throughout the day, and that will give you more energy to expend when you do find yourself in the gym. Use that structure throughout your week and you will be able to create a good workout schedule that will help you maintain your fitness.

As a wise person once told me: you can have excuses or results€¦ but not both! Decide what your goals are and overcome the perceived obstacles!

Leah Berti is a city police officer, personal trainer with a Bachelor of Kinesiology and Bachelor of Business from the University of Calgary, professional figure athlete, and professional no-nonsense, no excuse fitness freak! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram (@Leah_IFBBPRO) and her personal website.

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