Healthy Egg Recipes For Breakfast


The egg. It's a powerful building block for any meal, but they are obviously known as the backbone of any great breakfast. As an impactful source of protein, vitamin A, B, potassium, folic acid, biotin and more, the egg can be made in any many ways, both unhealthy and healthy. For those that mind their manners when it comes to fitness and weight gain, check out these healthy egg recipes that you can pack in your meal management system and always have on hand.


Egg Sandwich

There a lot of ways to do the classic egg sandwich wrong. The first place to start thinking healthy is the bread. Try using smaller pieces of whole grain bread instead of massive portions. As for the egg itself, the healthiest way to imbibe is to make omelet style preparation and cover it with delicious vegetables. If you need an egg salad fix, opt for Greek yogurt in its place.


Breakfast Burrito

By ditching the cheese and more greasy meats, a breakfast burrito can become a healthy egg option for breakfast. Go big on tomatoes and beans, try a light turkey sausage and scale back on the cholesterol and fat by using just egg whites. Need to spice it up a bit? Power your breakfast burrito with a homemade salsa, fresh peppers or a cilantro sauce. No risks, just rewards.


Egg White Omelets

If you're stressed about dropping omelets from your diet, you can make this dish a healthy egg recipe by just subtracting the yolk and destructive fillings. Egg whites are the perfect way to get your egg fix while also receiving a dose of protein and avoiding too much saturated and trans fats. As for your fillings, stick to the healthy stuff like spinach and mushrooms and avoid heavy cheeses and meats that will weigh you down.


Poached Eggs

With no oils in sight, poaching an egg is one of the easiest and healthiest ways to enjoy your favorite breakfast menu item. At only about 70 calories per serving, these eggs boiled out of their shells will also help to decrease toxins, reduce oxidation and be the perfect fit on top of a piece of whole grain toast. When it comes to enjoying your favorite foods, it's important to remember that being healthy often comes down to preparation. Why eat a fried egg sandwich when you can opt for an egg white sandwich? Keep these healthy egg recipes in mind during you're next meal prep session and you'll still be able to enjoy all of the benefits of this delicious treat.

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