Amp Up Your Diet With a Healthy Late Night Snack

healthy late night snack-02 Contrary to what some doctors and other health gurus might tell you, a healthy late night snack is actually a good thing. There are many benefits to snacking late into the night, including a boost of higher energy that will keep you crushing your workouts. If you know you're going to be hungry late in the day, combat the cravings and reap the benefits of packing these healthy late night snacks in your meal management system.


A healthy late night snack that will amp up your ability to build muscle is a smoothie. Adding fruit and protein powder is filling and beneficial to your health, but by adding milk, you are skyrocketing the chances of muscle growth the next day. This is because consuming milk within 30 minutes of sleep allows mRNA to translate into protein and synthesize, which creates muscle.

Pretzel Bites

Carb filled snacks are necessary to give you energy to power through workouts. By having these on hand in your meal management system at all times, you're upping your ability to speed up your metabolism and have more energy in the gym the next day. A handful of pretzels will not only benefit your system, but it will also boost your energy if eaten before sleeping.

Healthy Cereal

If you're looking to cut a few pounds from your frame, non-sugary cereals make a healthy late night snack option. Whole grain cereals are the best as they fill you up, and the milk benefits muscle growth. When combined with cardio and heavy strength training, cereal can help you shed more weight and build more muscle than if you skipped the snack.

Greek Yogurt

Need something high in protein and low in sugar? Greek yogurt is a tasty late night snack that won't knock you out or make you feel like avoiding the gym the next day. Stock up on the yogurt, cut up fruit for some extra flavor and leave all fast food fourth meals behind you and head to the gym. If cardio and strength training are working, but you need a boost to start seeing results, consider adding a healthy late night snack into your 6 Pack Bags. With these food options and all of the benefits they provide for weight loss and muscle gain, these treats will make killer additions to your diet and keep you from eating poorly. Photo Credit: Sigurdas

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