How to Choose a Personal Trainer: Tips From 7 of Our Ambassadors

BOD-Blast-Bike-Boot-Camp01 If you've considered attempting a fitness transformation but know that your lifestyle needs a lot of work, how to choose a personal trainer is an important consideration that could ultimately be your gamechanger in the long run! To help our intrepid future fitness freaks decide what's the right, we reached out to several of our badass ambassadors who also happen to be personal trainers to get their expert insider advice. Get the words straight from their mouths below!

Jaime Filer

Find someone who respects both brawn and brain. A lot of trainers come straight out of high school or university as athletes, and they're in great shape, so they get hired as trainers. This is dangerous, because although they're well-versed in sports, they don't necessarily have a working knowledge of anatomy, physiology, or exercise physiology, which is important for working with the general population AND special populations. Alternatively, being trained by someone with a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology, who has never been on a team or done a bodybuilding show, isn't very practical either. Try to pick your trainer based on not only what they know, but also what they've done! When considering how to choose a personal trainer, you want a perfect combination of practical and theoretical. Jaime Filer 2 You know Jaime from her many inspiring features on various topics, including building muscle for women and the best time to work out. Find Jaime online: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ryall Graber

A personal trainer is a key team player on your path to success, and whether you're working together online or in person, it's imperative that you find a trainer/coach that motivates you (looks the part!), inspires you, is certified, has personal experience getting in shape, AND ultimately gets you the results you are working and paying for. I encourage you to do your research carefully, interview a few coaches, and test drive the one you select for 3 months. From there, re-evaluate. If you're both committed to your results and have great energy together, then it's a match. Happy coach hunting!

Ryall Graber – Personal TrainerRyall training one of her clients, Stacey, in Cancun.

You know Ryall from our features on her many adventures around the world, including the Arnold Classic in Australia and her desert training in Petra, Jordan, famous for its role as a set in the Indiana Jones films. She is currently offering online training, nutrition coaching, and fitness getaways in Cancun, Mexico. Find Ryall online: website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Darlene Taylor

Know your price limit and decide what is your monthly budget. Are you looking for one-on-one training or group classes? The benefit of one-on-one training is the trainer can focus on your specific needs, focus on your form and posture, and track your progress and your overall improvement. Group classes are great if you don't care for the specific needs, but I don't recommend it if you don't have great form, because you are more likely to injure yourself. First learn the basics. Group classes are great for a balance with personal training and to get a mix of style in your routine. Ask your personal trainer what he/she recommends would be a great fit for you. If the trainer fits your criteria and has the experience, personality, and philosophy, don't worry about the price. It will be worth it at the end. Your health is cheaper than bypass surgery. BOD-Blast-Bike-Boot-Camp02 You know Darlene from her excellent guest blogs on how to vegan meal prep and how to travel fit during the holidays. Find Darlene online: website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Leah Berti

Before even venturing out to hire a personal trainer a very important and often overlooked step is to write out what you are actually seeking and why. - What are your health and fitness goals? - What is your budget? - Do you belong to a gym or do you need to change gyms? - What body type do you admire or strive to achieve? - What level of trainee are you? - What is your commitment level and how much time can you dedicate? - What motivates you, what does not motivate you? - Do you need nutritional advice and help? These are important, as they will set the stage for the right personal trainer for YOU! Health and fitness is an investment, and therefore the decisions you make must add value. Your strategy should be to find a personal trainer you are compatible with, who understands your goals and capabilities, and has more than a vested interest in helping you achieve these outcomes. bentoverrow You know Leah from her many thorough and thoughtful features, including her guide to a good workout schedule and how to create your own best hotel workout. Find Leah online: website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Michael Wittig

If you have any kind of disability, injury, or painful areas, ask if the trainer has a certification in €œcorrective exercise" or €œexercise therapy." Depending on the injury, you will want someone who can not only keep you safe, but hopefully help correct the problem. Make sure their location is fairly close to where you work and/or live. Work and family keep us busy enough. You do not need another excuse to miss your sessions. If the trainer you are talking to does not stress the importance of nutrition, go ahead and walk back out the door. Michael Wittig – Personal Trainer You know Michael from his ambassador-exclusive chimichanga recipe. Find Michael online: website and Instagram.

Brie Thomas

Find a trainer who practices what they preach. Fitness is an exciting journey. You need a trainer who values the fitness lifestyle if they are going to truly value your own journey. By working out in the gym that I train in, I'm an example to my clients, and a motivator to help them stay on track. I love creating new recipes to spice up my own plan and sharing workout videos with my clients. By being involved in the industry, and having my own fitness goals, I can offer my clients so much more than just training. Brie Thomas – Personal Trainer You know Brie from her ambassador-exclusive peanut butter protein pancake recipe. Find Brie online at YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Chandler Rogers

It is important to do your homework on how to choose a personal trainer before investing your time and money. I personally believe each personal trainer should be certified through organizations such as NASM, ISSA, NSCA, or ACE. There are several certifications for personal training, and when the trainer can provide the certification, you know he/she is trustworthy and a professional. Personality and reputation are also key to helping you with your decision with choosing your personal trainer. When you know several people have experienced optimal results with the trainer, this can reassure you that you have made the right decision with choosing your trainer. Good characteristics for a personal trainer include being on time, motivating you to achieve your goals, and tracking your progress. Top Ab Exercises 1 You know Chandler from her awesome features on how to meal prep for a simple low-carb diet and the best ab exercises for women. Find Chandler online: website, Facebook, and Instagram. As you can see, how to choose a personal trainer involves a great deal of important things to consider. Many thanks to the supremely badass ambassadors who have put in the time and hard work in order to be able to help anyone embark on their own fitness transformations. Stay on top of the nutrition your body needs with our original meal management bags so you can focus on the fitness goals that your new personal trainer will help you achieve!

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