How to Meal Prep: With No Microwave

How To Meal Prep No Microwave We know what you're thinking. You would rather gouge out your eyes then eat another cold container of chicken and broccoli at the "office" because your personal chef took the day off and there is no accessible microwave. Not all meal prep is created equal, and un-microwaved meal-prep doesn't stand a chance against something fresh out of the oven. But how to meal prep with no microwave?!

Hot Food Nostalgia

You work hard to stay on point throughout the week, but are tired of only prepping meals that are meant to be served cold. Chicken salad is delicious, but it doesn't stand the test of time when thoughts of steaming turkey and sweaty sweet potatoes creep up on an otherwise-disciplined you. There ARE ways to make how to meal prep with no microwave work. Dare we say it? There are ways to make it awesome!

Boil Room-Temp into Oblivion

Boil hot water and pour some into the container(s) you plan to use for the day. Let that sit for ten minutes or so. In the meantime, microwave your food to a temperature that is slightly hotter than you plan to enjoy it. Dump the water out, replace it with your hot food, and seal the lid. This trick is just about as innovative as Houdini's hanging straightjacket escape. Close anyway. It will keep your food warm until lunchtime, so you don't have to depend on a microwave. How To Meal Prep No Microwave

Insulated Food Containers

It's the 21st century and convenience is at our fingertips. Insulated food containers are handy little contraptions that will get you out of a bind when stuck with the conundrum of how to meal prep with no microwave. Just put your heated paleo lasagna into one of these bad boys, and you've got yourself a hot meal to look forward to.

Hot Plates are the New Microwave

You heard me. Hot plates are making a comeback. And this time, they are here on behalf of bodybuilders. Our team at 6PF tested out a couple of hot plates and found that they worked just as well as the microwave! Our food was steaming hot and tasted oh-so-fresh by noon, just in time for a mid-day feeding. How To Meal Prep No Microwave

Not All Cold Food Is Bad Food

We know you are sick of salads and sandwiches, and we don't think that eating healthy should mean being boring. There is a whole world of possibilities when it comes to mapping out your week of cold lunches and we have scouted a few recipes to get you started!

Shrimp Quinoa Spring Rolls

Chungah has an awesome recipe for roasted shrimp quinoa spring rolls on her food blog "Damn Delicious." Shrimp and quinoa are both packed with protein not to mention delicious and once you lick your lips of the spicy peanut sauce these get dipped in, you will forget why you ever mourned the fact that that you had no microwave. Check out the full recipe on her site.


Sushi fans listen up! You do not have to wait for happy hour to enjoy your favorite sashimi dishes! Fit Men Cook has a few recipes for healthy sashimi that will likely become the highlight of your workday, including a protein packed "Muscle-Gaining Flex Bowl." Check out the full recipe on the site.

Poached Salmon

Tastebook has an awesome recipe for cold poached salmon with lemon dill sauce! It's meant to be served cold and is packed with flavor and tons of omega 3s! Check out the full recipe on the site. This lesson in how to meal prep with no microwave access has been brought to us by 6 Pack's social media maven Jade. For more of Jade's work, check out her feature on Ian "Silverback" Butler, as well as interviews with Justin Moore on how to be a fit dad and Maribel Lalanne on how to love your body. Check out more posts on How to Meal Prep, including Vegan, Paleo, and If You're on a College Budget. Browse meal management systems, gym totes, gym backpacks, and more to find the perfect 6 Pack Bag for you! Header image courtesy of @malcolmblaze.

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