Introducing The Originator: The Elite Meal Management Bag From 6 Pack Fitness

misha-breyburg-six-pack-bags-originator When 6 Pack Fitness founder Misha Breyburg initially dreamt the idea of a meal management bag, he envisioned that the bag had a hard-shell interior and exterior with premium-quality fabric, lining, and hardware throughout. While the initial designs for the hard-shell exterior bag were quite expensive to manufacture, the 6 Pack Fitness design team has been working tirelessly to bring Misha's original dream to life. This month, 6 Pack Fitness is releasing the Originator, the highest-quality meal management bag on the market, in both three and five-meal variations.six-pack-meal-management-bags-originator As the company's premium bag, the Originator is made with a sturdy hard shell modular shelving unit with full insulation, a rugged ballistic nylon exterior with a waterproof base, premium quality fabric and lining, and gunmetal hardware for maximum quality and durability. With an upgraded meal core and independent accessibility for each and every meal container, the Originator is somewhat of a throwback to the bag that started the meal management revolution, though the quality has never been higher. Made with the signature "six-pack" look on the bag's frame, the Originator also offers more of the stylish look and feel that 6 Pack Fitness has become renowned for.originator-300-meal-management-bag-core The Originator is available in two colors, black with red and black with pink, and in three-meal (Originator 300) and five-meal (Originator 500) variations. However, quantities are limited, so order yours soon while they're still available. Misha Breyburg, 6 Pack's Founder and Chief Creative Officer, initially thought of the idea for the Originator before the company's founding in 2009. Working in real estate, Misha, an avid fitness enthusiast, was constantly on the move and ate most of his meals on the go. "I was involved in a relatively small family construction firm, and we bought real estate, developed it, and sold it," Breyburg said. "I'd move between construction sites to the planning and building department to the homes that I was selling to the real estate and construction offices, so I was constantly running around." "In my personal life, I was really into fitness, so daily, I'd either be in the gym or in a Crossfit box, and because I lived out of my car, it was, for me, really difficult to stay on diet," Breyburg said. Despite Misha's active exercise routine, he was having trouble maintaining a steady diet due to the constant travel, and failed to make the physical gains he expected. Constantly thinking about how to fix his diet, the answer eventually came to Misha in a dream in the form of a hard-shell meal management bag: the Originator. "I wasn't seeing the results I wanted to see, and it was something on my mind that was burning a hole in my head," Breyburg said. "I literally dreamt the product one night and jumped up, grabbed a pencil and a post-it note, and doodled the product." misha-breyburg-originator-meal-management-bag

Misha Breyburg with the New Originator Bag

"Initially, in my dream or in my mind, I saw this product as being completely hard shell and even envisioned it having an exterior hard shell," Breyburg said. Though the outer hard shell offered the durability Misha wanted, the designs were quite expensive to manufacture. "We realized that creating a hard exterior shell was going to be impossible, so we moved away from it after many iterations of trying a cut-and-sew exterior," Breyburg said. "Fortunately, we were able to create and engineer a hard shell shelving system that went inside the bag. That was the first bag that ever came out." Settling on a softer exterior and a hard shell interior, a few variations of the first 6 Pack bag prototype, the Durus, were displayed at the Mr. Olympia trade show. "It was just a bag with a hard shell interior that was modular," Breyburg said. "That was the first thing we brought as a prototype to the Olympia trade show and there was a crazy reaction to it." At that point, Misha and the 6 Pack Fitness team realized they had a lot more in their hands than just a one hit wonder product. Within the next few months, 6 Pack's flagship meal management bag, the Innovator, was born. "When we realized that we had something much bigger than just this one product, we realized we needed to recreate our existing bag but make it less expensive to manufacture," Breyburg said. "That bag then split into two and we developed a new modular shelving system which is what became the Innovator. We slowly phased out what's now the Originator with the hard shell because it was just too expensive to manufacture at that point." The buzz surrounding 6 Pack's bags eventually lead to the development of a full line of meal management products that were applicable to bodybuilders, athletes, and amateur fitness enthusiasts alike. Between the original bags, backpacks, duffles, briefcases, and stylish women's tote bags, 6 Pack eventually developed meal management systems for all sorts of uses and settings. "Everybody is carrying a bag. From backpacks to duffles to totes to briefcases to luggage, I just noticed that humanity depends on bags," Breyburg said. "So the challenge became figuring out how to create those bags that people could use to bring along what's important to them, all the while having the bags be stylish and hip and cool." Thus, the company's product offerings expanded significantly over the years, but Misha never forgot about his initial dream of the Originator. "Really, the Originator is the cornerstone of our company. It wasn't called the Originator then, but that's the bag I dreamt of and the bag I invented," Breyburg said. "Without that, we wouldn't have the company we have today, and so we slowly phased it out for a while, but always knew we'd bring it back when the time was right. And now, with strong sales of the Innovator, we're bringing back the Originator but making it that much more." originator-500-meal-management-bag Built with a super-efficient insulated interior with sturdy plastic modular shelving, premium fabrics with reinforced stitching, gunmetal hardware, deluxe padded shoulder straps for extra comfort, and an ultra-durable ballistic nylon exterior with a waterproof base, the Originator is the king of meal management bags. Using a durable meal core with easy and independent accessibility for each container, maintaining a diet has never been so easy. "The Originator is really going to be our Ferrari or our Lamborghini," Breyburg said. "It's going to be our crème de la crème and available in limited units for those who really want the best of the best." With 6 Pack Fitness' existing meal management bags already leading the way for the industry, the Originator is sure to exceed expectations. If you want the highest-quality meal management bag on the market, check out the Originator on the 6 Pack Fitness website. Available in both three-meal and five-meal variations, the Originator will be sold in limited qualities, so order yours soon and join the meal management revolution.

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