Introducing Yummly for 6 Pack

Yummly Header We've been giving our faithful audience our favorite meal prep recipes for some time now Рfrom the original Meal Prep Sundays to our recent 6 Pack Exclusives featuring our new line of hot sauces Рbut now we're making it even easier to share our recipes with the Yum Button! In support of the new direction 6 Pack has begun taking as a provider of more than just bags Рnot only sauces, but meals, too Рwe are making it easier than ever to take advantage of our recipes. Now you can visit the 6 Pack Yummly page to easily sort through ALL our recipes in one place! See a recipe you like on our site and want to save it for easy reference later? Yummly's perfect for that too! Simply click on the Yum button at the bottom of the page and the recipe will automatically be saved to your Recipe Box. Yummly Recipe Box Not only can you easily view and save our recipes, but you can also search through ALL the recipes on Yummly to find exactly what you're looking for Рand saving your individual taste preferences makes it even easier to cater to your specific tastes. What makes Yummly stand out is this particular feature Рyou can exclude certain ingredients! Whether you have specific allergies or simply don't like mustard (as the creator of Yummly doesn't, which was the catalyst behind the site and app) Рexclude it from your preferences and you'll be good to go. Yummly Taste Preferences Other well-known brands with tons of great recipes you'll find on Yummly include Better Homes and Gardens, The Dr. Oz Show, Yoplait Greek, and Silk. Many recipe and food bloggers have their own Yummly pages as well, which means every diet under the sun is represented Рfrom all-around healthy to vegan to not quite vegan to paleo. What are you waiting for? Recipes await you; start building your own Recipe Box today! We suggest starting with some of our favorite recipes featuring hot sauces, such as Mango Serrano Shrimp Kabobs, Fiery Jalape̱o Taco Salad, and Flaming Hot Chipotle Wings! Of course, you're gonna need something to carry all this awesome food in, right? Never fear, as that's where our original meal management bags come in! There's a style for every function Рfrom gym backpacks and gym totes to sports duffle bags to briefcases and messenger bags.

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