6 Pack Fitness Invades LA Fit Expo

It's time! The LA Fit Expo kicks off this weekend, January 19-20, and 6 Pack Fitness has our sights set on Los Angeles. We're ready to see how you've bulked up, beefed up and gotten big with the DURUS meal management system since our last visit to the Los Angeles Convention Center. 6 Pack Fitness will be posting up in LA Fit Expo booth #249 all weekend with a limited supply of 6 Pack Bags available for purchase. Perfect for meal planning and keeping a consistent diet, the DURUS meal management system will refresh your nutrition technique. 6 Pack Fitness will also be joined on both days of the LA Fit Expo by IFBB Physique superstar Dana Linn Bailey. A renowned fitness model, personal trainer and professional bodybuilder, Bailey will be hanging out in booth #249 with our team, meeting fans and signing autographs, starting at 2 pm on both days. Join 6 Pack Fitness at the LA Fit Expo for a weekend of excitement, as the tenth annual event will feature over 20 bodybuilding competitions and over 300 fitness brands, organizations and magazines. Individual tickets and weekend passes are available from the Fit Expo website. See you at booth #249! la-fitness-expo-2

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